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Company size (employees)14,000
Type of solutionSoftware


SafeNet ProtectV™ provides full disk encryption of virtual machine instances so organizations can securely run even their most sensitive workloads or any highly regulated data in the cloud. Whether using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, or VMware, SafeNet ProtectV ensures cloud-enabled security.

SafeNet Protect V is the industry’s first comprehensive high-availability solution for protecting data across virtual and cloud infrastructures. SafeNet ProtectV encrypts entire virtual machine instances and attached storage volumes, keeping your data safe from unauthorized access. In addition, no virtual machine instance can be launched without proper authorization from SafeNet ProtectV StartGuard™ pre-boot authentication.

With SafeNet ProtectV’s unified encryption and access control, organizations can be safe knowing that they retain access to and control of their encrypted data and keys at all times. Together with SafeNet KeySecure, SafeNet ProtectV provides a highly available encryption solution to address numerous industry security standards and government regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA HITECH. Regardless of where a workload resides, organizations can separate security administration duties, enforce granular controls and establish clear accountability with audit trails and detailed compliance reporting.

How we are different

- Comprehensive Multi-Cloud Security: SafeNet ProtectV is the industry’s first and most comprehensive high-availability solution for protecting data across the most popular virtual and cloud infrastructures, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and VMware.
- Key Ownership: SafeNet ProtectV is the only cloud encryption solution that enable customer to maintain 100% control and ownership of their encryption keys to demonstrate compliance with regulatory mandates including PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and NIST requirements.
- Centralized Visibility: SafeNet ProtectV centralizes policy enforcement, and provides a single audit point to facilitate proof of governance—a key factor in compliance and the audit process, and enterprises and cloud providers can rely on SafeNet ProtectV to ensure they have visibility over the enforcement of security policies—and that access, modification, and administration of sensitive assets can be concretely and definitively reported on and verified by external auditors.