Sangfor Omni-Command

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CompanySangfor Technologies
Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionSoftware


In an era of escalating cyber threats, traditional security measures are falling short. We are faced with a stark reality: no security system is completely foolproof, and the consequences of a single breach can be devastating for any organization. The key to robust cybersecurity lies not only in prevention but also in rapid detection and response after a breach occurs. Modern organizations, burdened by disjointed security tools, often find themselves flooded with security alerts. The lack of effective correlation and prioritization of these alerts results in fragmented and inefficient responses. Compounding this issue is the fact that many existing detection and response systems focus narrowly on endpoints, neglecting the threats that penetrate through networks, servers, and more. A truly comprehensive security strategy must integrate detection and response across all potential entry points to establish a holistic security posture.

Sangfor Omni-Command introduces a transformative approach to cybersecurity. A cutting-edge Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform, Omni-Command breaks the limits of traditional security solutions, offering an integrated and intelligent strategy to combat dynamic cyber threats. Utilizing advanced AI analytics and the groundbreaking Security GPT, Omni-Command converts an overwhelming volume of alerts into precise, actionable intelligence. This capability is crucial in delivering accurate and rapid threat detection and response in today’s intricate digital landscapes. Omni-Command not only represents an advanced technological solution but also symbolizes a paradigm shift in how cyber threats are perceived and managed.

Key Capabilities / Features

1. 360° Security Visibility: Omni-Command provides comprehensive visibility into an organization’s security landscape. It achieves this through passive and active traffic monitoring and by ingesting data from the platform’s various components. With an intuitive dashboard offering a detailed visual overview of key security indicators, such as major threats and risky assets, security teams can rapidly detect, assess, and respond to vulnerabilities and active attacks.

2. AI-Powered Threat Detection: Omni-Command leverages the powerful detection capabilities of Security GPT and other AI-driven engines, such as E+N (Endpoint + Network) analysis, UEBA, and more, to detect advanced and unknown threats with over 99% accuracy. It correlates alerts across different sources and systems and performs analysis using purpose-built AI engines trained with over a billion malware samples to understand and identify patterns indicative of cyber threats. Through this correlation, the platform consolidates alerts generated by different systems into single, contextualized incidents that might otherwise be missed if each alert were looked at separately. This process is crucial for uncovering sophisticated attacks and reducing false positives.

3. Generative AI Assistant—Security GPT: Supercharge your SecOps productivity by integrating Security GPT with Omni-Command. Security GPT is a groundbreaking generative AI assistant specially built for security operations. Its big data analytics and generalization capabilities allow it to analyze vast amounts of data and detect new and unseen threats, significantly improving detection accuracy. As an AI assistant, Security GPT streamlines operation workflows by allowing security analysts to use natural language to perform quick threat analysis, reducing investigation time from hours to minutes.

4. Proactive Threat Hunting Supported by Threat Intelligence: Omni-Command's proactive threat hunting feature allows users to input key identifiers such as IP addresses, files, or domain names to instantly uncover related alerts and incidents, along with information on affected assets.

How we are different

- 99% Threat Detection Accuracy: Omni-Command leverages the AI-driven analytical capabilities of Security GPT and other powerful engines to accurately detect 99% of advanced threats, including zero-day attacks, ransomware, and ATPs, within 5 minutes.

- 90% Decrease in False Positives: Omni-Command achieves a remarkable 90% reduction in false positives by intelligently correlating data from multiple sources and consolidating numerous alerts into contextual and actionable incidents, significantly alleviating alert fatigue.

- 90% Faster Investigation: Omni-Command reduces investigation time from hours to minutes through in-depth root cause analysis. The integration of Security GPT further accelerates the investigation process, allowing analysts to use simple, natural language for queries and analysis.