SD Elements – the industry’s first Balanced Development Automation platform – by Security Compass

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Security Compass
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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- Many tools on the market offer pieces of SD Elements’ approach to seamlessly integrating security into DevOps; however, Security Compass’ holistic program is tailored to an organization’s needs before, during, and after the development process. The SD Elements platform is the first solution that enables organizations to adopt a balanced development approach for rapid and secure application development. Similar to how a GPS application knows where a driver is, and at the right moment provides instructions, SD Elements acts like a guide through every step of software development and delivers security and compliance instructions for each part of the work.

- Before the development process even begins, implementing a BDA approach assists security and development teams by rapidly identifying risks and profiling security and compliance requirements for all applications. During the development process, the BDA approach enables the seamless delivery of security and compliance instructions that can be implemented right away by developers. After the development process, SD Elements provides a risk-exposure snapshot about what was implemented and what wasn’t through automatically generated reports to business leaders.

- SD Elements enables customers to cut costs as a result of automating significant portions of their security & compliance processes, including: 80% Reduction in Threat Modeling Time; 90% Reduction in Risk Assessment Time; 96% Reduction in Compliance Process Time; 92% Reduction in Vulnerabilities & Cost of Preparing Guidelines

Brief Overview

Until recently, organizations have only had two options when developing software — Fast and Risky or Slow and Safe. In the “Fast and Risky” approach, businesses use reactive processes such as code scanning and compliance audits to discover vulnerabilities once coding is complete. This requires them to make a difficult decision: remediate the vulnerabilities, which is time-consuming and expensive, or accept the risks and release the code to meet timelines. On the other hand, the “Slow and Safe” approach employs proactive processes to run manually-intensive activities like threat modeling, risk assessments, and generation of secure coding guidelines upfront that compromise time to market.

Security Compass offers a third option for developing software in today’s digital world – fast and safe. This approach is called Balanced Development Automation (BDA). The SD Elements platform is the first BDA platform, expediting the development of thousands of applications while building in security and compliance from the start, enabling strong security without compromising time to market. SD Elements can be deployed as SaaS or on-premise.

Key portions of proactive security and compliance processes are often skipped because they are manual, inconsistent, siloed, and expensive. Through BDA, SD Elements automates these processes to accelerate software releases, improve product security, save operational and remediation costs, as well as enable better utilization of scarce security experts.

By identifying and addressing risks earlier, remediation costs are significantly reduced and security is built into all applications from the beginning which significantly reduces vulnerabilities. Organizations can also get real-time traceability of security controls that have been implemented. Ultimately, this approach allows organizations to align security, compliance, and risk priorities with business needs.