Seceon Open Threat Management Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Seceon
Company size (employees)currently 40+ and growing.
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

1. Innovative Security Technology- real-time surfacing of threats.
Instead of being stuck within an existing security product category (function) that leads to incremental innovations, Seceon team approached the problem with an out-of-box thinking to build an innovative solution that can actually Surface, Manage and Remediate threats, and then Automatically Adapt to these advanced threats thus making it a unique threat detection and remediation solution that delivers true value to the customers and stands apart in the crowded security solution space.

2. Threat remediation with business impact.
Seceon solution studies and presents to the customer a comprehensive view of how their users, devices, applications, and other customer assets including databases interact. This approach facilitated building the only solution in the market that has Threat Remediation functions.The solution has a complete view of that is happening across the customer organization, thus allows it to also make remediation recommendations and provide an indication of the impact those remediation steps will have customer organization.

3. Seceon platform just works – out of the box. Seceon solution is agentless. It does not sit in-line. It works with both encrypted and unencrypted traffic.In fact it does not need to look at the traffic- thus making it the most non-intrusive security system available in the market. There are no rules to import and customize, no signatures to pull in, no complicated filters that need optimization.


Seceon was founded on the concept that the world needs a better way to deal with today’s threats – one that can actually surface, manage and remediate threats, and then automatically adapt to these advanced threats.

Using behavioral analysis, Seceon solution takes a more simplified approach to a complex problem- it builds a comprehensive view of how your users, devices, applications, and databases interact, and then studies and learns these interactions. The solution then uses a combination of algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect threat indicators. These threat indicators are correlated together and qualified over multiple stages of monitoring to determine if they build up to actual threats thereby eliminating false positives. Finally, these threat alerts are displayed in clear concise jargon free language, that indicate the type of threat the sources and the targets this makes it easy for untrained staff to understand at a glance as to what is happening and where as well as what action to take. Thus, unlike traditional solutions built around static rules and signatures that are good at finding threats that have been seen before,

Seceon’s OTM Platform surfaces all the risks within an organizations environment, including those never seen before to deliver unparalleled visibility into internal and external threats.

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