Secudrive USB Drive Security

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Secudrive
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHybrid

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• Granular security against both external and internal data breach threats - Most secure USB drives only focus on external threats like unauthorized access attempts by those without passwords. Secudrive acknowledged that data breach comes from not only the external environment but also internal. By adding digital rights management to AES-256 hardware encryption, Secudrive USB Drives provide highly secure data sharing. While hardware encryption eliminates risks from unauthorized access by outsiders or those without keys, digital rights management ensures that confidential data remains secure from accidental or malicious leakage, after being accessed by even the authorized, internal users.
• Data leakage prevention and work productivity out of office with digital rights management on kernel level using API hooking - Enterprises commonly perceive USB drives merely as storage media. However, Secudrive USB drives beg to differ with its integration of digital rights management, which allows employees to not only share but also work with confidential data without having to worry about data leakage. Digital rights management prevents data leakage at the kernel level using API hooking, which provides the capability to block potentially risky file activities like file copy, clipboard copy, printing, and screen-capturing while employees work with data in its native applications out of office.
• Remote management of multiple Secudrive USB drives from the centralized console – USB drives are popular enterprise IT assets due to high functionality, but they are difficult to manage in numbers. Secudrive USB Management Server provides a centralized platform where enterprises can remotely manage and monitor multiple Secudrive USB Drives real-time, even out of office. Security policies and passwords can be updated, as well as the USB drives can be locked and their stored contents can be wiped, in case of unfortunate losses or thefts. USB drive user and file activities are logged to create audit

Brief Overview

Secudrive USB Drive Security solutions protect enterprise confidential data by controlling user rights and with remote management in and out of office premises for holistic security against external and internal threats.
1. Hardware encryption and Digital rights management – Secudrive Hardware Encrypted USB Drives help enterprises to safely store and transfer confidential data with password protection and anti-virus vaccine against external threats, and digital rights management against insiders with access keys.
2. Centralized Remote Management – Secudrive USB Management Server provides enterprises a centralized console to manage and control Secudrive USB Drives to ensure that stored confidential data remains protected from leakage or breach, even when lost or stolen out of office.