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Speedy & Safe: In mere minutes, Seculert's Javelin Test measures if your gateway is vulnerable to, or effective against inside-out attacks by using our advanced simulation methods to quickly run precisely-mimicked (simulated) and highly sophisticated exfiltration techniques via our cloud service, providing near-instant prevention performance results against the top real-world cyber threats - without introducing any actual (harmful) bad actors to your network.

Visibility: The results of this simulation test are presented in a simple and straightforward online report with actionable details your security specialists can use immediately to update existing prevention layer components. These include the name of the Attack, Containment results on your network for any malware found, and a Risk Description of the attacks discovered on the network;

Accuracy: Javelin uses advanced simulation methods to run precisely mimicked sophisticated exfiltration techniques such as Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA), Low and Slow Communications, Spoofed headers and more, all reverse-engineered from actual in-the-wild malware. Seculert Javelin results are based on our unique visibility into the latest malware attack behavior, gleaned from the award-winning Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform, which protects over 2 million enterprise users by monitoring over 1.7 Billion outbound communications daily, sidelining businesses from the brutal effects of cyber-criminals.

Brief Overview

Seculert Javelin is the industry’s first inside-out attack simulation and remediation service that provides critical visibility into your gateway’s performance. It allows you to determine how well your secure web gateway (SWG), next-generation firewalls (NGFW), or proxy would do at preventing the latest, real world, malicious malware attacks from succeeding in communicating with their perpetrator’s command and control servers.

It takes just 2 minutes for Javelin to measure your gateway’s performance and provide actual results in a lightweight and intuitive user interface – and it is completely safe.

Javelin uses advanced simulation methods to emulate the communications a cyber-attack attempts to perform after it has infected a device on your network. This includes sophisticated exfiltration techniques such as Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA), Low and Slow Communications and more. Javelin observes and reports on the gateway’s response (block or allow), and presents the results immediately to the user.

Enterprises that wish to continuously monitor gateway performance can automate the Javelin simulation using an agent packaged in the Seculert Virtual Appliance (SVA).

Seculert offers an automated Gateway Update Service to resolve the gap between your gateway’s prevention capabilities and the latest, real-world malicious threats revealed by the Seculert Javelin Attack Simulator.

Use the services of an Award-winning security provider:
In 2016, Seculert Attack Detection and Analytics Platform Won Gold for “Best Security Service” From Info Security Product’s Guide Global Excellence Awards –

In 2014, Seculert has been selected by Gartner Inc. as a “Cool Vendor” in Security Infrastructure Protection –