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Company size (employees)1 to 9
Headquarters RegionEurope

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• Interoperability & end-to-end encryption – All Secure Chorus Compliant Products provide for end-to-end encryption of data and can be used in any environment without needing trust in the underlying platforms, both at rest (e.g. storage) and in transit (e.g. network systems). However, unlike the single-stack approaches, users are not locked-in by a specific vendor. Enterprise users of different brands of products can process data with one another securely. It is also important to mention that Secure Chorus’ KMS (Key Management Server) based approach allows the organisation to easily enable the process data between different user groups without bringing external user groups into the security perimeter of the organisation.

• Full control of the security system - In addition, competitors’ solutions are not designed to give an organisation full control of their security system. This may be an issue, especially for regulated industries that have compliance requirements. Secure Chorus Compliant Products allow the organisation to have full control on their security system as well as the ability to comply with any auditing requirements through a managed and logged process. Since the specifications are known and open, it is possible for an organisation to assess if the technology meets information assurance requirements.

• Ease of implementation and scalability - Secure Chorus Compliant Products use an Identity Based Public Key, removing the need for an expensive and complex supporting infrastructure for distributing credentials, allowing for at-scale implementation. The standards are also agnostic to implementation and give organisations the complete freedom and flexibility to deploy platforms and infrastructure to meet their requirements.

Brief Overview

Public & private sectors are experiencing unprecedented digitalisation. In this new digital economy, characterised by hyper connectivity and interconnectedness, the volume of multimedia data to protect is increasing exponentially. In a backdrop of rapidly changing regulatory frameworks and technologies, our mission is to transform the global market from providing small islands of proprietary security to providing an ecosystem of interoperable and secure information technologies.

Secure Chorus is a not-for-profit, membership organisation. Through open industry standards and private and public-sector collaboration, our vision is to promote the long-term security of digitally enabled economies by developing a global ecosystem of interoperable and secure data sharing technologies. Enabling new communities to work together across the globe, safely and securely.

We partner with governments, supranational organisations, corporates, technology innovators, academic institutions and regulators to rapidly scale our ecosystem of interoperable solutions, achieving wide-spread access and adoption, democratising access to secure communications and data sharing.

Current areas of collaboration with our members, include extending our standards beyond one-to-one communication to group calls, instant messaging, video calls, voicemail, document sharing and machine-to-machine communications. We are also studying other areas of innovation – including a Post Quantum Identity Based Crypto Scheme. We will be seeking input from industry, academia and government to identify the right solution to address this critical challenge.

Such has been the interest in this innovative approach to secure communication, over the past 18 months Secure Chorus has been invited to speak at several important IT security forums including: NATO, Brussels, Belgium November 2017; European Council, Security Committee for Information Assurance, Brussels, Belgium, June 2017; Centre for Secure Information Technology – 7th World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit, Belfast, Northern Ireland, April 2017; SINET ITSEF 2017, Silicon Valley, USA, Mar 2017 and Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2016.