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Company size (employees)100 - 499
Type of solutionHybrid


SecureAuth IdP provides adaptive and continuous multi-factor authentication solutions, allowing strong identity security while minimizing disruptions to the end-user. SecureAuth IdP maintains secure control of user access to organization’s resources, whether on-premises, in the cloud, via mobile applications, or through Virtual Private Networks. To respond to the ever evolving attacker advances, SecureAuth is driving innovation in the security space currently holding 16 patents with 7 pending.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) from SecureAuth IdP allows organizations to take something a user knows (e.g. username and password), combine it with something that the user has (e.g. phone, email, device) and what a user is (e.g. fingerprint, behavioral biometric), to ensure access is granted securely and appropriately. SecureAuth currently has over 25 different authentication methods – more than any other vendor. IdP can even leverage existing 3rd party hard tokens, although most customers use IdP to phase out expensive and administration-intensive hard tokens. And for companies ready to go password-less altogether, IdP offers a pain-free and risk-free way to get you there in a matter of hours.

As an identity provider, SecureAuth IdP obtains identity credentials for every attempted access, verifies the identity against a known data store and then serves up the identity details to service providers or applications in an agreed upon format. SecureAuth’s authentication methods range from SMS, telephony, and email one-time passcodes (OTPs) to push notifications, push-to-accept and behavioral biometrics, just to name a few. With SecureAuth, organizations never have to compromise security standards for user experience – we enable both.

The power to go password-less, 25+ MFA methods, Automatic workflows with ease, Pain-free integration

Strongest security and protection, Positive and frictionless user experience, Reduced costs for organizations

How we are different

• Comprehensive Authentication – SecureAuth IdP does more pre-authentication silent risk checks than any other competitor, inspecting behavioral biometrics, device recognition, threat intelligence, geo-location, geo-velocity and directory look-up. From here, we can create different authentication workflows for individual users, as well as different groups within those categories of users depending on the sensitivity of their access.

• Flexible Implementation – SecureAuth augments and complements existing security investments by supporting more devices, identity types, VPNs, identity stores and applications than any other competitor. This plethora of supported technology gives more choice and flexibility in deployment and less time implementing, configuring and doing custom coding.

• Single Solution – SecureAuth IdP offers authentication security (including adaptive, multi-factor, and continuous authentication), single sign-on and user self-service in one product. All other competitors require two or more products to match SecureAuth’s functionality, causing integration problems, extended implementation times and release syncing issues.