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Company size (employees)150
Headquarters RegionNorth America


SecureAuth was founded on a single promise: to help organizations prevent the misuse of stolen identities and credentials. This promise led SecureAuth to become an industry leader in adaptive identity and access management solutions providing maximum security and protection without compromising user experience.

Since our inception in 2005, we have developed patented approaches and innovative solutions to adapt to each customer’s unique needs and infrastructure, implement rapidly and scale effortlessly.

Utilizing the three pillars of multi-layered pre-authentication risk assessments, multi-factor authentication and continuous evaluation after initial authentication, SecureAuth’s platform ensures that every identity attempting access is known and verified from sign-in to log-off in a way that is pain free and often invisible to the user. In many cases, we can enable companies to go passwordless altogether.

Two factor authentication (2FA) has given way to multi-factor authentication (MFA), but we have seen that inflexible, predictable, static defenses can be studied and breached. Dynamic security applied in layers based on predetermined risk factors is the best way to protect business from cyberattacks. Our solutions have been designed to adapt to risk and use over 11 million sensors to detect threats and dynamically adjust security levels to match. Here we have a competitive advantage over older static security systems that cannot adjust and are just one size fits all. Not only are these systems only weaker, but they also burden users.

In a technology space that includes over 1,800 cyber security vendors – 300 of which are dedicated to identity security issues – very few are actually adaptive and risk-based. Adaptability is at the core of everything we do, and with that in mind, SecureAuth is constantly driving innovation in the security space. We protect over five million users worldwide, with 16 current patents and seven pending.

How we are different

• Comprehensive Authentication – SecureAuth IdP does more pre-authentication silent risk checks than any other competitor, inspecting behavioral biometrics, device recognition, threat intelligence, geo-location, geo-velocity and directory look-up. From here, we can create different authentication workflows for individual users, as well as different groups within those categories of users depending on the sensitivity of their access.

• Flexible Implementation – SecureAuth augments and complements existing security investments by supporting more devices, identity types, VPNs, identity stores and applications than any other competitor. This plethora of supported technology gives more choice and flexibility in deployment and less time implementing, configuring and doing custom coding.

• Single Solution – SecureAuth offers authentication security (including adaptive, multi-factor, and continuous authentication), single sign-on and user self-service in one product. All other competitors require two or more products to match SecureAuth’s functionality, causing integration problems, extended implementation times and release syncing issues.