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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)WinMagic Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

Unified Key Management & Compliance
• SecureDoc lets businesses enforce consistent protection, policies and compliance reporting across all data and devices in mixed IT environments. SecureDoc Enterprise is the only solution that truly unifies key and policy management under a single platform, synchronized with Active Directory for a user-centric approach; enables industry-leading PBConnex (preboot network authentication) technology for significantly faster recovery, policy updates, and user authentication over secure wired or wireless networks; enforces robust pre-boot protection with support for Active Directory, Multi-Factor and Network-Based Authentication; and allows for leverage of OS-agnostic, agentless management of Opal Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) with the most comprehensive compatibility program in the industry.

Advanced Native Encryption Management
• Being OS-agnostic, SecureDoc Enterprise allows customers to centrally enforce encryption on BitLocker or FileVault 2-enabled devices, ensuring consistent compliance and audit trails; not just manage native OS encryption, but enhance it with SecureDoc’s pre-boot client for faster and more secure authentication, customizable pre-boot and MFA support; and provide Tamper Protection to automatically block privileged users and applications from disabling or suspending encryption for always-on protection form deployment to decommission.

Robust Removable Media Encryption & Device Controls
• SecureDoc Enterprise is unique in the way that it enables automatic, enforced encryption of removable media devices. This includes support for portable drives, USB, CD/DVD and SD Card.; SecureDoc Enterprise also allows business the ability to share and access encrypted data across any endpoint device without the need for any additional software installation, and apply trusted device and port controls to prevent data loss or offline malware injection via external media.

Brief Overview

WinMagic’s award winning comprehensive encryption and intelligent key management solution is the most sophisticated protection against threats and data loss. WinMagic SecureDoc Enterprise offers a single, unified console to manage data and device protection – combining industry-leading endpoint encryption with robust device and port controls to significantly reduce the threat of data loss. That way, businesses can apply persistent encryption to protect virtually any hardware or OS platform, even as they shift from physical to virtual desktops.

SecureDoc is versatile in its ability to manage operating system native encryption (like BitLocker and FileVault 2), self-encrypting drives, and SecureDoc’s own FIPS 140-2 certified software encryption. SecureDoc is compatible with the most advanced storage approaches and common operating systems, eliminating many of the common hassles associated with encryption management.

Powered by the SecureDoc Enterprise Server, with SecureDoc Enterprise, businesses can:

Maximize Protection with Enterprise-wide Coverage: Protects data and devices with flexible, multi-OS encryption support.

Simplify Data Security & Compliance: Centrally deploy, manage and monitor encryption from a single console.

Lower TCO with Improved User & IT Helpdesk Uptime: Avoid compromising productivity for security – get the best of both.

In addition, SecureDoc’s PBConnex feature a unique pre-boot network-based functionality which authenticates encrypted devices to the network before the operating system ever loads and delivers significant cost and time savings to IT pros, while ensuring that data is never exposed until the user credentials are verified before the standard OS log-in process.

WinMagic collaborates with a range of world leading infrastructure, application and hardware technology partners such as Lenovo and HP to continue to innovate our SecureDoc solution, and has one of the largest industry certification processes in place with drive manufacturers – ensuring excellent user experiences when integrated with certified products.