Secureframe AI

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Secureframe is revolutionizing security and compliance through powerful AI automation. Secureframe AI saves teams hundreds of hours by automating manual, repetitive tasks like cloud remediation, risk assessments, policy management, and security questionnaires. This allows companies to accelerate growth while maintaining a secure and compliant posture.

The key AI capabilities that drive Secureframe’s innovative platform include automated remediation, intelligent risk management, policy generation, questionnaire automation, vendor risk management, control mapping, and cutting-edge AI framework support.

Key Capabilities / Features

Secureframe is revolutionizing information security and compliance through the power of automation and artificial intelligence. With Secureframe AI, customers save hundreds of hours on otherwise manual tasks like cloud remediation, risk assessments, policy management, and security questionnaires, allowing teams to instead focus on business-critical tasks.

In fact, in a survey conducted by UserEvidence, 92% of Secureframe users said they reduced time spent on manual tasks by at least 26% per month.

Key Secureframe AI capabilities include:
Remediation: Secureframe AI auto-generates fixes via infrastructure-as-code so customers can easily copy, paste, and deploy code adjustments to their cloud environments.

Risk: Using a risk description, Secureframe AI produces an inherent risk score, treatment plan, and residual risk score so organizations can improve their risk awareness and response.

Policies: Leveraging generative AI, Secureframe AI for Policies saves hours of writing and refining. Policies can be easily edited and revised using the AI-powered text editor to create clear and polished policies that align with an organization’s tone and voice.

ML-powered Questionnaire Automation: Machine learning powers questionnaire response, pulling from an organization’s knowledge base and accelerating RFP/questionnaire completion.

Vendor Risk: Allows organizations to send custom questionnaires directly from the platform, centralizing vendor responses posting with ease.

Control Mapping: Intelligently map controls to custom frameworks and risks through automation.This enables customers to instantly benefit from Secureframe's test automation capabilities, ensuring accuracy and efficiency even for custom controls.

AI Framework Support: Secureframe provides support for NIST AI RMF and ISO 42001, two key frameworks that guide organizations in the responsible design, development, and deployment of AI systems.

"Secureframe has built an AI-powered platform that streamlines enterprise compliance adherence while continuously monitoring security postures and automatically remediating any gaps or vulnerabilities," says Josh Coyne, Investor, Kleiner Perkins.

How we are different

One of the first to market on AI-powered questionnaire capabilities with the launch of Questionnaire Automation in 2022, Secureframe continues to lead with a culture of innovation with continuous development on its AI compliance technology. Secureframe offers a unified platform for all compliance needs, leveraging Secureframe AI to automate manual compliance tasks, thereby enabling organizations to efficiently manage security, risk, and compliance while saving valuable time. Specifically, it features tools like Comply AI for remediation, risk assessment, and policy management, which automate fixing failing controls, conducting risk assessments, and crafting policies respectively, as well as AI-powered questionnaire automation to save hundreds of hours on RFPs and security questionnaires.

Secureframe AI provides practical and actionable cloud remediation guidance by generating code fixes for cloud environments. Secureframe Comply AI for Remediation provides infrastructure-as code-solutions, allowing customers to quickly and easily implement necessary adjustments. This not only saves a significant amount of time and effort but also ensures that cloud environments remain secure and compliant with minimal manual intervention.

Secureframe Comply AI for Risk enhances risk management processes by producing an inherent risk score, treatment plan, and residual risk score based on risk descriptions provided by the organization. This approach allows organizations to have a more nuanced understanding of their risk landscape and to prioritize actions based on informed AI-driven insights. By automating the generation of these critical risk assessment metrics, Secureframe AI aids organizations in improving their overall risk awareness and response strategies.