Secureworks Taegis ManagedXDR

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Taegis ManagedXDR is a 24×7 managed detection and response service, with threat hunting and incident response capabilities delivered through our Taegis XDR security analytics application. ManagedXDR is backed by our 20-plus years of experience in protecting customers from security threats and insight from our incident response and threat research practices. Our Taegis platform uses threat intelligence, machine and deep learning, and user behavioral analytics for rapid threat prevention, detection and response across customer endpoint, network and cloud environments, and while we fully manage the technology, customers have full access to collaborate.

ManagedXDR is designed to meet customers where they are at in their security journey and bring them into a larger community of security experts. The collaborative nature of the service allows customers to actively participate in investigations as much or as little as they want, and Secureworks security operations experts are available via the live chat functionality in the Taegis platform. We believe the managed services approach of ManagedXDR ensures the best of cooperation between a customer and Secureworks, while empowering a customer organization’s team. The flexibility of the Taegis platform allows customers in many cases to use technology they already have invested in, or use Secureworks for endpoint (Red Cloak Endpoint Agent) and antivirus (Taegis NGAV add-on). Customers also can use Secureworks for a full suite of incident response services (both proactive and reactive), and a variety of testing and assessment services.

How we are different

There are several compelling differentiators that make Taegis ManagedXDR stand out for organizations seeking to protect data and devices with improved investigation capabilities and accelerated ability to respond. A recent Total Economic Impact study of ManagedXDR conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed customers experienced an ROI of 413%, with a payback period of less than 90 days, and an 85% decrease in risk exposure saving more than $1 million over three years.

• A platform purpose built for XDR and built for collaboration
- Extensible, ingesting and correlating from variety of telemetry sources, plus its own endpoint technology with the Red Cloak Endpoint Agent
- Optional antivirus add-on with Taegis NGAV
- Default data retention for one year
- Automated response actions
- Software that is visible to the end customer
- We encourage as much collaboration as the customer desires: customers can view alerts, take part in investigations, and reach an expert within 60 seconds via the live-chat functionality in Taegis

• Deep and broad threat detection combined with security operations insights
- The combination of advanced machine learning and human intelligence
- More timely and accurate threat detection via a wide range of data sources, including 1,400+ incident response engagements performed annually, hundreds of threat group monitored, 52,000 threat indicators updated daily, network effect of telemetry from hundreds of Taegis customers, and 20+ years of experience and service excellence from supporting customers worldwide through our 24x7 SOCs.

• Incident response services and expertise included
- 40 hours of incident response per quarter to help organizations quickly respond to incident should one occur
- 1 dedicated threat hunt per month from industry-proven experts to identify if any hidden threats exist
- Optional continuous threat hunting