Secureworks Taegis VDR

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Secureworks Taegis VDR is a cloud-native vulnerability management solution for security leaders and practitioners who need an accessible, easy to use tool that prioritizes vulnerabilities based on the potential impact of each. The advanced AI, self-learning system improves autonomously with use, further reducing risk with intelligent prioritization of vulnerabilities. Taegis VDR is a single solution that can discover, scan, prioritize, plan and track remediation for both machine and web vulnerabilities.

How we are different

Secureworks Taegis VDR:
• Provides a meaningful risk score for every vulnerability that is unique to a company’s network. This includes a prioritization analysis based on 47 factors, including Secureworks own Counter Threat Unit (CTU) threat intelligence integration, that is recalculated multiple times daily.

• Prioritizes every vulnerability based on business context and impact to the specific organization and delivers a numbered list of every vulnerability on the network. To establish the ranking for each vulnerability, we look at the properties of the vulnerabilities, then the asset on which it resides, then the characteristics of the network that houses the asset; we assess the organization and how critical the asset is to it; and, finally, we factor in external factors like available exploits, vulnerability trending, or dark web chatter involving methods of attack related to vulnerabilities in the customer’s environment.

• Uses multiple machine-learning based methods. The auto discovery process is adaptive and continuously builds a knowledge base about the environment. Its adaptation includes the way in which assets are discovered and scanned on the network. For instance, it uses frequency analysis for certain asset characteristics (open ports, domain names, exposed URLs, etc.) to improve its ability to discover and scan machines and web applications in a network. The scanning process uses an expert system to decide what type of detection is best suited for a given asset (machine or web application) and to maximize and adapt vulnerability coverage while optimizing scan efficiency.