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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


We help risk management teams do what we always wanted for ourselves – find cybersecurity risks sooner and make improvements faster.

For years we ran OT cyber risk management programs at some of the largest industrial companies in the world.

Like our partners and customers today, we were frustrated with the resource-intensive cyber assessment process, the lack of consistent reporting between business units and facilities, and no clear way to make the data meaningful for executives to make business decisions with.

We recognized that Risk Management is too slow for today’s cyber threats. Attackers move at the speed of bleeding edge tech & open-source knowledge. Corporations drag an anchor of legacy GRCs & spreadsheet assessments.

So, we built a better way for teams to manage OT cybersecurity risk. We built a cyber risk management platform for OT environments that helps security teams accelerate their ability to improve security posture.

We’ve been at it for just over 4 years and have been fortunate to work the some of the largest industrial companies including Chevron, Modec, and Westlake Chemical. We can be found in Gartner’s 2021 guide for OT security and their 2021 Hype Cycle report for Cyber and IT risk management.

How we are different

1. offers more built-in assessment frameworks than any other industrial risk management platform. Our platform has 20 industry frameworks available and covers all 16 critical infrastructure sectors. In addition, we have a module builder that allows customers to bring their own framework, create their own, or customize a standard framework.

2. Our library of assessment frameworks is already pre-adjusted to be OT/ICS-specific. Through the platform, users can complete an assessment themselves or assign parts to individuals and suppliers. Everything is done through the platform, which removes manual methods from a traditional spreadsheet-driven assessment process.

3. Our knowledge and experience in OT cybersecurity has made us a trusted source for help by critical infrastructure companies, the OEM providers of OT cybersecurity hardware, and the OT cybersecurity consultants and MSSPs that serve the space. Our reputation has brought the top 2 largest oil and gas producers to us as customers and is the foundation for our consistent 100%+ quarter/quarter growth for the last 18 months, across critical infrastructure sectors in every global region.