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Company size (employees)25
Headquarters RegionEurope


SecurityMatters has over 15 years of research and field experience in ensuring mission-critical industrial cyber-resilience. This experience has resulted in proven track record of monitoring, analysing, and protecting industrial environments while translating complex problems and uncovering previously undetected threat or process flaw indicators into clear and actionable intelligence. SecurityMatters’ products enable customers to continuously operate best-of-class industrial cyber-resilient control environments without interruptions from cyber or operational threats.
SilentDefense is SecurityMatters’ flagship industrial control system network security monitoring and situational awareness platform. Specifically designed for use in industrial control environments, SilentDefense increases customer industrial cyber-resilience by its ability to passively collect and interpret anomalous industrial environment communications while enabling customers to react to both operational and information technology threats which would normally go undetected.

How we are different

- SecurityMatters has been doubling its installed base and year-over-year revenue for the past 3 years, and today secures with permanent deployments all the critical infrastructure verticals including oil and gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), electric power (generation, transmission and distribution), drinking water, chemical and pharmaceutical, infrastructure, discrete manufacturing. Installations span across 3 different continents.
- SecurityMatters has partnered with renowned organizations to bring to the market its technology, including BAE Systems, Boeing Defense and Aerospace, Check Point, Leonardo-Finmeccanica and Palo Alto Networks.
- Among its customers there are more than 10 "Global Fortune 500" companies, including several "top 50" ones