SecurityMetrics Guide to HIPAA Compliance

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The SecurityMetrics Guide to HIPAA Compliance helps healthcare IT and HIPAA compliance and risk officers understand how to comply with the HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Notification Rules–such as best practices for conducting risk assessments, training employees, testing incident response plans, and improving network security.

The SecurityMetrics HIPAA Guide breaks down HIPAA guidelines into actionable steps and easy-to-understand information so that healthcare staff can be fully educated on data privacy and protection best practices. Our guide to HIPAA compliance contains advice from over 20 security analysts and real-world examples to give organizations a framework to better understand HIPAA and the critical areas where they need help.

The SecurityMetrics HIPAA Guide covers the practical steps organizations need to handle the following:

– PHI encryption
– Business associate agreements
– Mobile device security
– Cloud security
– Email security
– Remote access
– Vulnerability scanning
– Penetration testing

The SecurityMetrics HIPAA Guide is one of the most comprehensive guides on HIPAA compliance on the market.

“This is the most comprehensive guide on HIPAA I have found.” Crystal Hertz, National Health Foundation

How we are different

- The SecurityMetrics Guide to HIPAA Compliance is applicable to all audiences. In addition to having specific, detailed information on how to comply with HIPAA standards and cybersecurity best practices, it can also be used as a reference or training guide.

- The SecurityMetrics HIPAA Guide is updated each year to include primary research, current trends in HIPAA compliance, updates to HIPAA compliance requirements and 20+ security analysts perspectives on best practices about requirements.

- The SecurityMetrics HIPAA Guide breaks down the Security Rule into actual security best practices to implement.