SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)SecurityMetrics
Company size (employees)100 to 499
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The SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor process is entirely non-intrusive. Webpages receive scans without compromising the business website’s speed or customer experience.

User-friendly and simple. Using a push-button start or stop scanning, businesses can scan multiple pages at a time. Monitor also allows users to see their scan history and resolve problems on their own time, as they arise.

While Shopping Cart Monitor is simple to use, it is still supported by SecurityMetrics’ 24/7 technical support. This aids remediation efforts and efficiency. SecurityMetrics representatives can guide users through Monitor notifications at any time.

Brief Overview

Everyday, hackers quietly steal data from thousands of webpages in web skimming attacks. Also known as Magecart, formjacking, and JavaScript skimming, web skimming falls under the umbrella of supply chain attacks and costs retailers hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Attackers typically go after e-commerce shopping cart pages in pursuit of payment card data, but can skim data from any webpage with a form field.

SecurityMetrics Shopping Cart Monitor is an inspection of public-facing web page code on shopping cart URLs. This inspection looks for skimming attacks and notifies users about high-priority threats.

Web skimming is difficult to detect and prevent. It takes place outside of servers and firewalls, in the rendered code of the client-side browser. Additionally, traditional security tools like vulnerability scanning, file integrity monitoring (FIM), and policies were not designed to detect web skimming or to work in dynamic environments like online retail shopping carts.

SecurityMetrics Analysts discovered the root of these attacks and have developed a patented technology on which Shopping Cart Monitor is based, called Webpage Integrity Monitoring (WIM) technology.