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CompanySecurityScorecard Ratings
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


SecurityScorecard provides the most accurate security risk rating for any organization. The platform uses non-intrusive proprietary data collection methods, as well as trusted commercial and open-source threat feeds to quantitatively evaluate the cybersecurity posture of more than one million enterprises across 175 countries and 17 industries.

SecurityScorecard’s data collection process provides a robust “outside-in” perspective of the cyber health of third parties. The platform continuously monitors 10 risk factor groups, such as Network Security, DNS Health, Endpoint Security, Application Security and more. This empowers organizations to easily identify and prioritize high-risk third parties for assessment and remediation, ultimately leading to a more secure environment. For an “inside-out” view, security questionnaire responses in the SecurityScorecard Atlas product are automatically validated against SecurityScorcard’s instantly accessible ratings, providing a true 360-degree view of third-party cybersecurity risk. Not only can organizations monitor their external security posture, they can also monitor the effectiveness of their internal policies and controls.

SecurityScorecard uses an A-F rating scale, so that companies can easily understand, communicate, and improve their cybersecurity posture. Clients can invite partners or vendors into the platform to assess issues and drill down into findings. Discovery and remediation workflow features enable organizations to visualize severities and threats, while SecurityScorecard’s Customer Success team makes sure everyone is benefiting from the platform. Third parties are able to use risk ratings data to improve their scores.

How we are different

*Collaborative Remediation & Vendor Engagement: Customers can easily invite vendors into the SecurityScorecard platform, which is designed for fast collaborative issue resolution. Invited vendors have free access to the platform, visibility into the precise impact of specific security issues, and what strategic remediations will help improve their score.

*Platform Scalability: SecurityScorecard has the largest rated company network, with over 1 million companies rated. No competitor comes near that amount and it allows customers to quickly add vendors for continuous monitoring. Additionally, SecurityScorecard seamlessly integrates with over 16 GRC/SIEM solutions.

*Transparent Data Collection & Best-in-Class Customer Relationship Management: SecurityScorecard provides transparency into scoring methodologies, with the industry's first ever Trust Portal. Additionally, SecurityScorecard provides dedicated customer support for remediation guidance and solution value optimization.