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Company size (employees)100
Headquarters RegionNorth America


SecurityScorecard integrates proprietary intelligence into their risk and rating cloud solution and can identify vulnerabilities not recognizable by any of its competitors, while offering the same perspective that an outside hacker would have. The company takes a fundamentally different approach to cyber security, recognizing that nearly 75 percent of breaches stem from third party vendors, and so any successful monitoring platform needs to include these entities.

The depth and breadth of SecurityScorecard’s monitoring abilities helped propel the company to roughly 400 percent growth in 2016. The company acknowledges that none of this would be possible without the hard work and innovation of its employees, which is why they place a premium on attracting and retaining top talent through an inviting corporate culture. SecurityScorecard encourages employees to set aside 10 percent of their time to work on non-corporate dictated innovations. White hat hackers are offered a $3,000 a year stipend for career-related classes and a $1,500 reimbursement stipend for related conferences. And the office itself boasts game, leisure, and meditation rooms where employees can take breaks throughout the day. They’ve also installed a beer tap in order to have a relaxed working environment.

SecurityScorecard is the top security firm because no one else offers close to what they can by way of cyber security monitoring. However, their status as a leader in this space has never been enough. The company develops a steady stream of innovations supported by a corporate culture that encourages growth.

How we are different

• The platform has pre-calculated scores for 100K organizations and reports on 400% more critical data points than their closest competitor.
• It is also the only cybersecurity company backed by Google Ventures.
• SecurityScorecard’s rating, security posture scores and real-time reports offer actionable information, while the collaborative workflow at SecurityScorecard allows vendors to not just view their security risk, but discuss at-risk areas with SecurityScorecard and how to remedy them.