Segra’s Managed Security Services

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


Segra’s robust suite of Managed Services keep businesses connected and secure while guarding against cyberattacks and unplanned network outages. With a wide range of data and cybersecurity solutions and fully compliant services, the company offers peace of mind – and a foundation for long-term success for their customers.

Segra’s security solutions enables organizations to gain all the benefits of the world’s most powerful and flexible software without the hardware or personnel investment for deployment, management, or maintenance of the system. Segra takes care of all the infrastructure, maintenance, upgrades, patches, capacity planning, backups, and security of the system and platform.

DDoS protection appliances are located at high-volume entry points on the Segra core network where attacks are most likely to occur, such as public transit connections. The appliances automatically inspect all traffic as soon as it arrives at an entry point, immediately discarding malicious packets while sending legitimate packets to their destination. During this process, other network services continue to operate without interruption, even latency-sensitive applications like voice and video.

Segra’s cloud-based solutions offers enterprise-grade reliability and the latest feature and threat updates on an ongoing basis. It is fully managed by Segra and comes with turnkey deployment and no local on-premises hardware installation.

How we are different

1. Segra’s dedicated private network offers faster, more reliable connectivity than the public cloud, and provides the resiliency necessary to ensure data integrity and speed to meet the most demanding needs of customers to protect their vital data.

2. With every DIA connection, Segra also provides DDoS mitigation, because they care about security. Segra has seen how organizations today need an all-encompassing cybersecurity solution in addition to traditional perimeter firewall and antivirus software.

3. Segra provides organizations with immediate analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware, but without the need for capital investment. The service is hosted in a secure and compliant cloud so that it can manage and monitor an organization’s critical systems regardless of where they are. Segra’s security team is responsible for ongoing monitoring and analysis of an organization’s cybersecurity. They are staffed with tier 1 analysts, advanced security engineers, threat hunters and threat intelligence managers.