Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery (ADFR)

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In today’s era of digital transformation, cyber weaponization is commonplace, and the “extinction event” is a genuine threat, especially for organizations with uptime and availability requirements. Wipers like NotPetya, Shamoon, and Destover and ransomware such as Petya, WannaCry, and LockerGoga have crippled organizations around the globe, encrypting their IT infrastructure and sending them back to the Dark Ages.

In a cyber disaster, Active Directory (AD) – the distributed security system that controls user authentication and system authorization – is mission-critical because it’s foundational to recovering everything else on the network. Traditional protocol for AD recovery demands a resource-intensive and error-prone process that costs organizations days or even weeks of downtime.

Being the gatekeeper to critical applications and data, any prolonged downtime of AD puts organizations at risk of losing significant revenue, and in some cases, a complete shutdown. Semperis AD Forest Recovery automates the entire forest recovery process with just a few clicks – ensuring fast, clean, and painless restores. Semperis’s “cyber-first” approach reduces AD recovery time up to 90 percent, saving millions of dollars in unnecessary business interruption.

How we are different

The requirements for Active Directory (AD) recovery have changed.

Destructive cyberattacks such as WannaCry, NotPetya, LockerGoga, and others make clear the need for quick recovery in the event domain controllers (DCs) are encrypted or completely wiped out. However, traditional AD backup tools only address recovery from IT operational issues, where AD is affected but host servers are not.

Cyberattacks inflict more damage and strike more frequently than natural disasters. Does your disaster recovery (DR) playbook address this reality? Semperis does. Unlike legacy tools built for recovery from operational issues, Semperis recovers AD even if host servers are infected or wiped out.

For organizations that can’t tolerate lengthy outages or degraded service, Semperis AD Forest Recovery orchestrates a fully automated forest recovery process – avoiding human errors, reducing downtime to minutes instead of days or even weeks, and eliminating the risk of malware reinfection. Core capabilities include:


Semperis’s patented technology enables AD recovery directly to Microsoft Azure. Simply stand up VMs in Azure with the same Windows version number and similar disk layout. Semperis also includes IP mapping to facilitate DR to the cloud.


Semperis eliminates re-introduction of malware from system state and bare-metal backups by decoupling AD from Windows and restoring only what’s needed (no executables or DLLs) for
the server’s role as a DC, DNS, or DHCP server. Restore from the latest backup even if servers have been infected


AD recovery is a complex, time-consuming process. Semperis automates and optimizes the entire recovery process, from assessing what’s left in the environment and formulating a recovery plan, to cleaning up AD metadata, generating IFM disks, and more.