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SendSafely was designed to provide non-technical users with a way to easily share sensitive files securely through the cloud using end-to-end encryption. With end-to-end encryption, nobody other than the sender and the intended recipients can decrypt your information. In the wake of recent high-profile cyber attacks, companies that handle extremely sensitive information on behalf of customers have realized the need for an increased level of assurance that their data won’t be exposed due to a breach.

SendSafely mitigates the threat of data disclosure by encrypting files on the end-user’s machine before they get uploaded to the cloud. The keys needed to decrypt these files remain on the user’s machine and are never exposed to SendSafely. This means that you can safely exchange highly sensitive files with others with the comfort of knowing that your files won’t be exposed to anyone.

SendSafely’s primary differentiator is our end-to-end encryption model combined with ease-of-use for non-technical users. Combining both of these is a difficult feat that many products have failed at in the past. Given the recent spike in targeted hacks, protecting sensitive customer data that gets is stored in the cloud has never been more critical. SendSafely’s convenient integrations set us apart from other offerings, with native integrations for Outlook, Gmail and third party platforms like Zendesk and Marketo.

How we are different

- Most online file exchange platforms (ShareFile, Box, etc) require you to trust the service provider with access to your files. When you upload a file to one of these sites, a number of other people (support engineers, system administrators, and others) have the ability to view your files. Even worse, if the service provider’s environment is compromised your data is inherently at risk of exposure.

- Aside from our end-to-end encryption model, SendSafely provides users with a sleek user interface that designed for non-technical users. You choose the file you want to send and who you want to send it to, and SendSafely handles the rest. Our optional integration with Outlook and Google Mail make sending secure files as easy as sending an email.

- SendSafely also integrates with third-party platforms, allowing companies to add encrypted file transfer capabilities to the business platforms they already use. For example, our Zendesk App (available for free in the Zendesk marketplace) lets companies accept encrypted files from customers through their existing support platform.