Senhasegura 360º Privilege Platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionSouth America
Type of solutionHybrid


An astonishing 74% of organizations face outages due to expired certificates. Digital certificates are subject to human error and expiration; in many cases, certificate management is handled manually with a spreadsheet.

Senhasegura is the only PAM vendor to offer a fully integrated Certificate Manager solution. Available as a module in Senhasegura’s 360º Privilege Platform, the Certificate Manager allows centralized management of an organization’s digital certificate lifecycle, from discovery, through automatic scanning of websites, directories and web servers, to automated certificate renewal by external or internal certification authorities.

Key features include:

• Automated and recurring discovery of certificates on the network. The certificates found during the Scan Discovery process are scanned and evaluated, allowing a graphic visualization of any risk situation.
• Graphical view of the status of all certificates, allowing security teams to identify, for example, which ones use encryption in non-compliance with the organization’s security policies.
• Control of the digital certificate lifecycle, with automatic renewal and publication of certificates. You can automatically configure the periodic renewal, avoiding losing expiration dates.
• Full control over the expiration dates of managed certificates, with automatic sending of alerts at configurable periods for specific teams.
• Integration with leading certification authorities to sign certificates within the solution, including self-signed ones.
• Use of pre-registered organizations, reducing errors in creating certificates.

As digital transformation brings growth and focus on IoT devices, Industry 4.0, Cloud, or DevOps, each requires Digital Certificate Management. Working together with the Company’s 360º Privilege Platform, Senhasegura’s Certificate Manager can help companies grow exponentially, stay secure, and seek agility in their operations.

Headquartered in Brazil, Senhasegura has earned the trust of customers in more than 55 countries throughout North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Latin America, with business centers located in the United States and Brazil.

How we are different

• Senhasegura’s Certificate Manager provides centralized control over the lifecycle of digital certificates, including Amazon Certificate Manager accounts, allowing for automatic renewal and publication, and a unified view of all certificates and their status.

• Senhasegura’s Certificate Manager Reduces certificate expiration and human errors, resulting in significantly less downtime and increased compliance with required security regulations

• Senhasegura’s Certificate Manager is fully integrated with Senhasegura’s 360º Privilege Platform, which provides a modern approach to privileged identity management with far wider capabilities than traditional PAM products. Based on a modular platform with a single interface, Senhasegura’s 360º Privilege Platform offers the following advanced capabilities: Full-featured PAM support for both privileged as well as non-privileged user password management; End-point workstation protection for both Windows and Linux; DevOps secrets management, and Multi-cloud support