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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Balabit Corp.
Company size (employees)200+
Type of solutionHybrid

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

1. SCB is a unique solution that relevantly differs from its competitors.
SCB is a transparent and host-independent proxy gateway, there is no need for installing agents or other software on clients or servers. No changes need to be made to the IT environment and staff doesn’t need to change their working processes. It is a turnkey appliance with fast deployment, can be up and running in 2 - 4 days. SCB provides granular access control based on protocol sub-channels (e.g. disk redirect, port forwards) and 4-eyes authorization with real-time session termination.
SCB allows customers to block connections that violate preconfigured rules, and also send alerts in such cases, real-time. SCB has industry-leading session recording and auditing capabilities such as searching for any type of commands entered or screen content. This feature is available for graphical sessions as well based on in-build OCR. SCB is the first session management product on the market which supports the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

2. SCB's TCO is extremely low. SCB is provided as appliance or virtual image. The implementation and training take 2 – 4 days. Within 2 hours after the implementation SCB is ready to use. SCB has an easy to manage web interface, firmware based upgrade and downgrade possibilities. Deploying SCB as a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure allows to conveniently audit access to entire virtualised infrastructure on a pay-per-use basis without additional maintenance costs.
A single appliance could handle several hundreds of parallel connections and up to hundred thousand devices. SCB runs in the background as a black box, there is no need for any extra workload to operate it.

3. SCB ensures companies' continuous business operation and can minimize business disruption, revenue loss and reputation damage. SCB also improves the accountability of staff and is bullet-proof evidence in legal proceedings.


BalaBit’s Shell Control Box (SCB) 4 F2 is an enterprise-level activity monitoring appliance that controls privileged access to remote IT systems, records activities in searchable, movie-like audit trails, and prevents malicious actions. SCB is completely independent from clients and servers and integrating seamlessly into existing networks.

SCB isolates sensitive systems from unknown intruders or from non-authorised insider users. It monitors all remote accesses to critical IT assets. A strong authentication and access control point in IT environment which fine-tunes existing access policies and reduces user administration costs.

SCB audits who did what in IT systems. Aware of this, employees will do their work with a greater sense of responsibility leading to a reduction in human errors. By having an easily interpreted, tamper-proof record, finger-pointing issues can be eliminated.

SCB makes all user activities traceable by recording them in easily searchable audit trails. The highest quality audit trails ensure that all the necessary information is accessible through ad-hoc analyses or activity reports.

When something wrong happens, analysing thousands of text-based logs can be a nightmare and may require the participation of costly experts. SCB can easily reconstruct the incidents, which shortens investigation time, helps to avoid unexpected costs.
SCB offers granular access management to control who can access what and when on your servers. It records the privileged access into tamper-proof audit trails which can be replayed like a movie to review the events exactly as they occurred. SCB helps to prevent security issues and find not only the root cause of a problem, but also the responsible person. SCB can be integrated with leading Password Management tools and Balabit’s User Behavior Analytics solution, Blindspotter.

SCB helps companies to comply with local laws and international standards
like SOX, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, EU GDPR that increasingly mandate strict protection of sensitive information.

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