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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


It’s no secret that security operations are struggling under the weight of a barrage of alerts straining both infrastructure and personnel. As a result, spending on security orchestration tools is growing exponentially, with security leaders increasing budgets to invest in some form of orchestration/automation capability to enhance incident response. At the same time according to SANS, less than 25% of security teams are looking to fully automate incident response. Siemplify recognizes the importance of the analyst as the cornerstone of effective security operations.

Having trained security incident response teams all over the globe for the last decade, the leadership of Siemplify is arming security teams with the tools necessary to respond to today’s threat environment. As organizations are implementing more and more security tools, security teams are challenged by a flood of alerts straining both infrastructure and personnel. ThreatNexus was created to solve this challenge and is the only comprehensive security operations platform for the analyst to navigate Management, Automation, and Investigation through a single pane of glass.

Since its launch in 2015 Siemplify is changing the security operations landscape. In 18 months, Siemplify has raised $14 million in funding from A-list VC firms and high profile angels and put an industry leading product into production. Siemplify is helping to drive the analyst narrative with the formation of new categories like SOAR and SOAPA. Siemplify has put the product in the hands of security teams around the globe in industries such as Financial Service/Healthcare/Telecom. Since its commercial launch earlier this year, Siemplify has quickly become the bedrock upon which analysts rely on to drive security operations. Siemplify recently launched its New York Headquarters to better support blue chip clients, accelerate sales and marketing and capitalize on an OEM agreement with a top-tier Fortune 500 security leader.

How we are different

- Since its inception in 2015, Siemplify has raised $14 million in capital from top tier VCs and key industry players. Within the first year of operation, Siemplify expanded globally, moving the headquarters to the US and rooting R&D in Israel’s cybersecurity expertise.

- In just 10 months since its commercial launch, Siemplify has been adopted by leading global security teams across industries such as Finance, Telecom, Healthcare and more -- in response, Siemplify has grown its team by 800%.

- To respond to the growing market demand, Siemplify has announced a channel partner program with leading security channel partners, signed an OEM agreement with a top tier Fortune 500 Security Leader, putting ThreatNexus in front of thousands of security analysts globally, and expanded our technology partnerships with dozens of relevant security partners.