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Company size (employees)307


Cloud-first companies use Salesforce for CRM, Office 365 and Box for collaboration, ServiceNow and WorkDay for HR, and host custom applications on AWS and Azure. Skyhigh’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution is a single control point for data in the cloud.

As systems of records move to the cloud, so will threats – from malware to compromised accounts to insider threats. Skyhigh addresses visibility, data security, compliance, and threat protection for data in the cloud. As a comprehensive platform, Skyhigh allows IT to detect, prevent, and respond to threats within all cloud services from a single dashboard. Analysts call CASB the fastest growing security technology ever, and Gartner predicts 85% of enterprises will use a CASB by 2020, up from

How we are different

• Market leadership: Skyhigh serves 600 enterprise customers across 30 million end users. Skyhigh's customers include some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world across every vertical, like Aetna, Astra Zeneca, Comcast, Molina Healthcare, Honeywell, and Western Union. In total, Skyhigh customers make up 40% of the Fortune 500. In total, Skyhigh's customers make up 40 percent of the Fortune 500.

• Product innovation: Skyhigh offered the first pure-play CASB solution with its launch and provides the broadest platform today with 12 functional blades (e.g. encryption, data loss prevention, user behavior analytics, contextual access control, etc.). Skyhigh provides comprehensive functional coverage for shadow and sanctioned cloud applications, with support for all deployment modes – reverse-proxy, forward-proxy, and API.

• Technology leadership: Skyhigh has earned three key CASB patents, including one for mobile-to-cloud security without an agent or VPN and one for cloud-based encryption with customer-managed keys. Skyhigh is the only CASB to be FedRAMP compliant and it also is the only CASB to receive the stringent ISO 27018 certification.