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Company size (employees)50+


SnoopWall is amongst the most innovative providers of patented network access control (NAC) solutions to protect corporate network against the most advanced threats. Through their patent-pending WinSHIELD, MobileSHIELD and AppSHIELD SDK, it’s the first company to provide Counterveillance security solutions that help users to make their web and mobile browsing nearly invisible to provide robust information security for the bring your own device (BYOD) dilemma. SnoopWall’s suite of products offer advanced network security solution that detects and blocks all rogue network access, remote control, prying and spying.

How we are different

SnoopWall is known for its innovative breach prevention technologies, such as agentless quarantine and malware pre-cognitive to protect against malicious insiders, rogue devices, and latest ransomware.

In addition to large NAC appliances, the company also offers nano appliances which make them preferred amongst small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to secure their corporate networks at affordable costs.