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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


As an Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) platform and inventor of the concept SOCRadar’s approach is to effectively combine Threat Intelligence (TI), Digital Risk Protection (DRP) and External Attack Surface Management (EASM). Adapting proactive security with a hacker mindset, our aim is to help security teams to detect blindspots before attackers.

Providing only threat intelligence does not give the organizations a full-fledged proactive security. The intelligence gathered by various sources can only be meaningful if combined with EASM and DRPS.

Most organizations find no shortage of TI available in various forms. What is lacking is the right blend of intelligence that fits your organization’s security needs.

To provide ‘right blend’ to the security teams, SOCRadar focuses on relative and actionable intelligence with minimized false positives. In other words, SOCRadar gives the needle in the haystack to the security teams. To generate contextualized intelligence, SOCRadar’s EASM service first maps out an organization’s all of internet -facing digital assets with a hacker mindset and strengthens the organization’s visibility on what to defend. The second integral part of the XTI is the DRP services with which SOCRadar provides monitoring capabilities across all environments (from cloud buckets to data leaks in hacker forums). As a successful example, SOCRadar’s Cloud Security Module detected publicly available cloud storages that contain of sensitive data belonging to 150.000 companies in 123 countries. The incident is named as Bluebleed, which is one of the most significat cyber incidents of 2022.

Along with monitoring, SOCRadar services include site / account takedown and automated remediation to its DRPS.

The third leg of XTI is threat intelligence. Gathering intelligence from not only open sources and social media but also dark web forums along with other hidden communication platforms attackers use, SOCRadar becomes organizations’ eye on the dark side of the Internet.

How we are different

Single platform – unified solution: Instead of dealing with numerous security products, platform technologies like SOCRadar allow users to manage cyber threat intelligence via a single platform. We believe consolidation of EASM, DRP, and Threat Intelligence services is inevitable. It is predicted that by 2026, 70% of all functions relating to cyber asset attack surface management, external attack surface management, and digital risk protection services will be part of broader, pre-existing security platforms rather than provided by stand-alone vendors, up from less than 5% in 2022.

Affordable – democratizing threat intelligence: One of SOCRadar’s principles is democratizing threat intelligence. Due to budget and human resources limitations, it is less possible for SMEs to reach TI services. With SOCRadar’s user-friendly design that requires no more than just clicks and affordable prices, SMEs can access XTI services. The onboarding process takes hours rather than months. Quick deployment is also a significant feature for MSSPs that struggle with onboarding hundreds of customers. Scalability is another feature impacting the users to prefer SOCRadar. With cloud technology, deployment is comparatively easy and fast.

Freemium – product-led growth: In the threat intelligence market, the concept of freemium users is quite unique. In parallel with our understanding of the 'democratization of threat intelligence’, we pursue product-led marketing, a strategy that depends on the user base and the product itself. Although established in the last quarter of 2019, We can fairly claim that the user base of SOCRadar, which has more than 7000 freemium users, will grow exponentially in the mid-long term, which is a great advantage for our machine learning algorithm. We also have greater advantages with automation capabilities.