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Additional Info

Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Solebit
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

- SoleGATE delivers the first new network based anti-malware approach developed in the last 10+ years (since the network sandbox).

- SoleGATE offers full zero-day anti malware protection and is not signature-based.

- SoleGATE blocks hundreds of malicious files a day which other products not recognize, and already deployed in production at one of the largest vendors in the world.

Brief Overview

Solebit is a disruptive cyber security startup that has developed a transformative, lightning fast and highly accurate protective solution for detecting malware in content ingressed through email, web, or cloud. Using evasion-proof, signature-less, patented technology, Solebit’s software platform (SoleGATE) detects malicious code and payloads in near real-time in any non-executable network-based content and blocks them before they can penetrate your organization.

The SoleGATE platform avoids the pitfalls of security approaches in today’s market through the use of static analysis, which is extremely fast (millisecond latency), incredibly accurate (0.00002% false positive rate), client-side application/technology stack/OS independent (un-evadable), and provides 100% coverage of all incoming content, whether through email, web or cloud (truly cross-vector). SoleGATE parses, evaluates and de-obfuscates every line of code that may be embedded or hidden in content whether it’s in a datafile, stream, active content or file-less malware, without the need for file detonation, runtime analysis, or sanitization/reconstruction.

DvC™ is the patented technology that powers SoleGATE. DvC™ has no assumptions on threat heuristics or behaviors, or patterns, but works on the premise that there is no legitimate reason for executable code to be present in any content that is a data file or stream. Active content and file-less malware are similarly analyzed using a hybrid approach encapsulated within DvC™. As such, SoleGATE is conclusive in its results. Content infected with malware is quarantined.

SoleGATE’s competitive edge is simple: Greater accuracy (0.00002% false positives); 100% coverage of all incoming content (including file-less malware) through email, web or cloud; millisecond latency (vs. minutes); evasion-proof (application/technology stack/OS agnostic) technology, and conclusive results (clean/quarantine). No sandbox (standalone or integrated) or CDR solution on the market today can match Solebit in performance, ease of deployment or true cost of operations and ownership.