Solutions By Design – Continuous Improvement and Optimization Services

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CompanySolutions By Design II
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


For more than three decades, Solutions By Design II (SBD) has delivered creative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions and services to its customers, domestically and abroad. At the center of all cyber services is continuous improvement. For years Team SBD has been adjusting and improving our processes. For each client, we create a custom continuous improvement plan that focuses on aligning our cybersecurity services to the CISO’s vision. This has resulted in SBD being able to mature cybersecurity process from CMMI Level 2 to CMMI Level 4 and in many cases CMMI Level 5 – fully automated. This has resulted in cost savings, more efficient operations, improve response times, and greatly lowering the cyber risk to our client’s enterprise.

SBD has documented processes supporting the Continuous Monitoring program including POA&M creation, closure, and management, compliance monitoring of security documentation, vulnerabilities and STIGs, Self-Assessment security control reviews, as well as unsupported technologies and Cyber Hygiene. Documented processes and associated workflows are used to facilitate further streamlining and process automation through such tools as Splunk and ServiceNow. SBD has used process documentation to build automation solutions and has also developed Agile Playbooks to align to the automated solutions to outline the “plays” or SOPs to be executed by stakeholders of various roles in support of the end-to-end process. To facilitate further automation through Robotic Process Automation, SBD has documented mature, repeatable processes for implementation.

SBD delivers our clients results-oriented, agile security services that provide the functions and activities necessary for our clients to implement and manage their Risk Management Programs and its functional areas to successfully achieve its mission, and continuously improve and automate its processes while leveraging the best practices of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Risk Management and Cyber Security Frameworks effectively and efficiently.

How we are different

- SBD has experience in identifying and implementing process improvement initiatives that impact the people, process, and technologies to facilitate a successful Continuous Monitoring Program. Having implemented automation strategies, we understand the challenges brought by bringing multiple authoritative data sources together and integrating them into a single solution. SBD works through the data normalization efforts, and recognizes the importance of establishing, maintaining, and documenting mature processes prior to applying automation. This has provided our client with a real time picture of their security posture.

- SBD provided expert judgment into maturing processes to the point that automation could occur. This allowed us to remove manual reporting that required 2 to 3 weeks of data gathering and correlating to where the client now has a real time dashboard. This allows our team to focus on making improvements and addressing security risks rather than collecting data.
- SBD specializes in cybersecurity services, utilizing an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Service Portfolio approach providing a wide range of dedicated cyber services that focus on maturing an organization’s cyber posture. This has enabled us to take an Agile approach to cybersecurity, making consistent incremental improvements that adjust to our customer’s critical issues while working towards our customer’s Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO’s) vision. SBD is currently utilizing this approach monitoring over 35,000 global users and over 50,000 endpoints.