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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia
Type of solutionHybrid


Somansa provides a complete data loss prevention (DLP) solution to discover, monitor, and prevent sensitive data leakage across endpoints, network, and cloud. With over 25 years in the data security industry, Somansa has accumulated the know-how and experience to protect sensitive data and help organizations meet regulatory compliance and privacy law requirements in various industries and regions.
Somansa Network DLP provides full network visibility to manage sensitive data traffic across multiple ports, network protocols (email, messenger, HTTP/HTTPS, cloud services including Office365, Google Apps, etc.), and channels.
Somansa Endpoint DLP protects sensitive data stored on computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) and devices using discovery to scan and locate data with options to classify, encrypt, or permanently delete and prevent features to block copy and transfer to USB’s, media, printing, Wi-Fi/bluetooth, FireWire, clipboard, shared folders, and applications. Specific USB devices can be whitelisted and authorized for use based on vendor ID, product ID, etc.

Somansa DLP products are managed under one central management console to manage agents/users, create content/context (users/groups, devices, file types, location, etc.) aware policies based on industry and privacy laws including GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CCPA, etc., and view real-time reports & incidents. Somansa DLP seamlessly integrates with other tools such as Microsoft Active Directory and SIEM.

Key Capabilities / Features

Somansa provides a complete Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to protect sensitive data in motion and at rest.

Mail-i Network DLP:
Monitors: Monitors and analyzes outbound network traffic.
▪ Visibility: Manage data traffic across multiple ports,
network protocols, and channels.

Data Loss Prevention, DLP:
Blocks sensitive data in motion based on policy rules.
▪ Email, Messenger, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, and Cloud Services including Office365, Google Apps, AWS and iCloud.

Privacy-i Endpoint DLP:
Discover-Scans and locates sensitive data on endpoints based on policy rules.
▪ Classification
▪ Encryption
▪ Permanent Deletion
Data Loss Prevention, DLP-
Monitors/Blocks copying and uploading of sensitive data based on policy rules.
▪ USB Drives, CD/DVD, Removable Storage, Printing
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FireWire, Share Folders.

A Central Management Console allows administrators to view real-time Reports & Incidents, Create Policy Rules, manage Agent Users.

How we are different

Somansa is an enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security solution designed to help organizations in financial services, healthcare, retail, government and other industries protect sensitive company data including intellectual property and personal information whether its data in motion (Network DLP) or data at rest (Endpoint DLP), wherever it may be (cloud, on-premise, endpoints) from leakage.

• Somansa is an affordable and easy to use data loss prevention (DLP) designed for organizations to protect sensitive data including intellectual property and personal information while reducing the costs and complexity of managing a DLP solution.

• Product + Service: Somansa works with the customer throughout the entire DLP solution process from initial planning and consulting, installation, training/education, creating policies to protect intellectual property and compliance, technical support, and continuous management to help ensure the customer meets their security and compliance requirements.

• Customization- each customer and country/region are unique, Network/System Environment and Security and Compliance Needs/Requirements, protocols, applications, etc.

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