Sophos XG series of next-generation firewalls and UTMs

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Sophos
Company size (employees)Approximately 2,500 employees as of January 29, 2016
Type of solutionHybrid

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Michelle Drolet, CEO at Towerwall, a Sophos Partner, adds, “There will never be a perfect security solution that stops all the threats. But, with Sophos we are getting close to perfect. This approach to synchronized security from Sophos allows everything to talk to one another and is a game changer for the industry.”

Timothy Speakman, system administrator at Contra Costa Health Services, a Sophos customer commented, “What Sophos is doing to deliver synchronized security with the new XG Firewall is impressive. As a company, we are looking forward to how the network will be integrated fully with the endpoint, saving us the amount of time it typically takes to research threats, act on them, and actively manage security for the entire organization.”

Kerrigan Addicott-Case, system administrator at Office Information Systems, a Sophos customer, concluded, “We are extremely excited about the Sophos product roadmap. The Security Heartbeat feature within the XG Firewall is remarkable. This new technology is one of the most interesting features on the market, and we look forward to where this will take us.”


Over the last few years we’ve seen threats become much more coordinated than security defenses and we felt no single security technology was going to address that – it was going to take a synchronized security approach to prevent coordinated attacks.
The Security Heartbeat delivers advanced protection and automated incident response that reduces management cost for our customers. Synchronized security provides a level of protection and productivity previously unattainable.
It delivers advanced protection by combining the defenses of both Endpoint and Network to block known and unknown threats, including APT’s and enables the security system to detect and remove issues to return itself to health, so the IT security specialists can focus on strategic matters as opposed to fighting fires.
The Security Heartbeat also automates incident response to eliminate the manual work of trying to figure out who, what and when a compromise happened, which saves thousands of hours and millions of dollars in incident response.
The Security Heartbeat is combining functionality from both Endpoint and Network security and as such we are blocking new variants of advanced coordinated threats for our customers. For instance, payload-less or file-less malware like Poweliks and others are being detected by our advanced techniques in this offering and preventing compromises and downtime for companies who would otherwise not have the resources to address these advanced attacks.
The Security Heartbeat is also addressing productivity needs of customers due to the automated incident response, which is saving hours, and days of investigation time when a security incident occurs.

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