Spirion Data Platform

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Company size (employees)50-100
Type of solutionSoftware


Spirion’s discovery engine actually catalyzes the effectiveness of existing DLP (data loss prevention) solutions by allowing for the accurate and contextual discovery and classification of any organization’s sensitive data without false positives. The Spirion platform gives customers the ability to set policy based on specific business needs and offers a real time historical database and remote cloud discovery to find data anywhere at any time. Spirion is automated, persistent and features automatic and user-driven classification definitions to satisfy internal development teams.

Spirion reduces an organization’s sensitive data sprawl by an average of 99.5 percent or greater. Spirion eliminates uncontrolled data sprawl by discovering, classifying, monitoring and protecting information (PII, PCI, ePHI and intellectual property or any data that is unique to an organization). Organizations can be alerted what new files are being created that contain sensitive data as well as by whom, when and where it’s being accessed or shared. Organizations can check all of the pertinent compliance boxes, secure data from misuse, abuse, leaks and privacy concerns.

Enterprises often have solutions to detect and mitigate the loss of structured data, but Spirion goes one step further and categorizes and stops the loss of unstructured data as well. Supported data sources include CIFS file shares, Microsoft (Exchange, SharePoint and Office 365), Lotus Notes, mbox, images, PDFs, compressed files and remote cloud storage such as Box and Dropbox.

Spirion can be deployed in both agent and agentless configurations and is available for on-premises deployment. Spirion serves financial services, retail, healthcare, insurance, federal government, state and local agencies, manufacturing, utilities, higher education and many other vertical industries. Target customers are large enterprises and mid-market companies, and any other organization with difficult-to-locate data use cases (such as for protecting intellectual property).

How we are different

• Spirion differs significantly from its competition because the platform primarily performs contextual, automated discovery and remediation with the least amount of false positives. Both top competitors, Bolden James and Titus, primarily develop solutions that rely on user driven classification with limited automated capabilities. Spirion's proprietary branching validation algorithms are comprised of dozens of predefined and linear classifiers, procedural validators, checksums, Boolean logic formulas, decision trees, exact data matches, dictionaries and an optional user defined rule builder. When searching data, procedural validators enable search results to be precisely validated using tree traversal so that the results of early validations can determine whether any and which additional validations are executed.

• Spirion utilizes a highly accurate discovery engine, which is a common thorn in a corporation's side when addressing data sprawl. Spirion is the only solution to provide enterprise-wide policy enforcement and visibility via a text extraction OCR engine capable of analyzing any content across endpoints, remote storage, file synchronization and sharing platforms, cloud environments, on-premises or cloud-hosted emails and databases with native support for Windows, Linux and OSX.

• Spirion’s RESTful API enables customers to share Spirion’s sensitive data results with enterprise information security systems, including: security information and event management (SIEM) systems; governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platforms; cloud access security brokers (CASBs); and user behavior analytics (UBA) platforms. Mobile, cloud and web applications are also supported by the API, increasing customer engagement through improved accessibility. Supported integrations include Intel Security McAfee DLP, Splunk and other enterprise security solutions.