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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Unwitting insider threats are an increasing problem for organizations, as enterprises struggle to close the unseen gaps and riskiest entry points in their cyber defenses. When employees, partners or contractors fall prey to phishing emails or stolen credentials, they become an insider threat, and the standard remediation solution is to reset the device and consider the problem solved. However, this strategy does not mitigate the long-term risks. Organizations need a comprehensive view across all infected devices, to close previously unseen gaps across corporate networks.

Over 70% of ransomware attacks targeting organizations are caused by unmanaged devices – a number that will no doubt grow as employees continue to work from home on personal devices, leaving corporate resources at greater risk of infection. While wiping an infected device may prevent criminals from accessing more data, it doesn’t remedy the exposure of the broader identity or prevent future enterprise access.

SpyCloud exponentially increases organizations’ infection recovery rate by providing them with the capabilities to ensure more complete Post Infection Remediation (PIR). Organizations using SpyCloud’s solutions can pinpoint malware-infected devices on managed, unmanaged, and undermanaged devices, along with the exact credentials and cookies that have been siphoned and can be used to target the organization for data breaches, account takeover, and ransomware attacks. This detailed information shortcuts the investigation process for security operations teams, and enables swift remediation of compromised devices, exposed applications, and affected users.

This PIR approach allows organizations to increase their visibility into the threat landscape and fully mitigate insider threats by providing a window into what exactly the bad actors know about the organization, thereby reducing the manual effort to investigate and resolve malware incidents.

SpyCloud works to prevent full-blown security incidents by proactively remediating applications exposed by malware, including unmanaged devices, outside of corporate oversight.

How we are different

Full Remediation: The old way of reducing insider threats provided a false sense of security without visibility into infected unmanaged employee devices. Managed enterprise devices were reimaged, and unmanaged devices used to access workforce applications were left untouched. With post-infection remediation, security teams are provided with the information they need to prevent threats and the ability to intervene on corporate and unmonitored personal devices, significantly reducing the window of vulnerability for enterprise exposure. SpyCloud stands alone in the capability to support PIR.

Illuminated Attack Surface: SpyCloud enhances the full picture of infiltration on corporate systems by utilizing recaptured data from malware infections on corporate and unmanaged employee devices to map the connections between applications, machines, and users. This allows security teams to visualize the scope of a threat and respond quickly. Teams using SpyCloud solutions can illuminate previously unseen compromised assets, including credentials and cookies for third-party applications like SSO, VPN, CRM, and analyze the relationships between these assets to prioritize response activities.

Unique and Robust Data: SpyCloud uses a unique combination of human intelligence and darknet monitoring to ensure the world’s most extensive collection of breach data, composed of more than 300 billion recaptured assets from the darknet. This collection powers previously impossible security approaches, such as PIR, months before other companies even know the data has been stolen.