SpyCloud Account Takeover Prevention

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)SpyCloud
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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Earliest possible data collection: Where other threat intelligence companies scan the dark web waiting for stolen data to appear, SpyCloud uses human intelligence and works undercover in the cybercriminal underground to proactively obtain email addresses, passwords and other PII straight from criminals immediately after a breach. This unique collection method means SpyCloud recovers stolen data much sooner than other threat intelligence providers (often 18+ months ahead). It shortens the exposure window substantially, enabling accounts to be re-secured before criminals have a chance to use them.

Most robust database: As a result of SpyCloud’s unique combination of human intelligence and early data recovery, the company maintains the world’s largest collection of breach data, composed of more than 113 billion breach assets, helping businesses to find more compromises, stay ahead of hard-to-detect attacks, and protect consumers, employees and their bottom line from financial harm.

Automated remediation: With a sub-1 hour install and set-up, its Active Directory integration enables enterprises to drastically reduce the time it takes to rectify compromised accounts since the password resets are done automatically. A customer recently claimed it saved them over 1,000 hours.

Brief Overview

SpyCloud offers enterprises the most actionable threat intelligence to prevent account takeover and online fraud. The company’s solutions are backed by a database of more than 113 billion breach assets recovered from the criminal underground; it is the largest of its kind, and is primarily built via human intelligence (field teams embedded in the criminal underground that find breach data sooner, so customers can act faster). Not only this, but SpyCloud’s investments in password cracking at scale have resulted in over 20 billion plaintext passwords in the database. When customers match their users’ logins against these passwords, it enables them to quickly identify and remediate exposed accounts and at a higher rate than any other provider.
Enterprises use SpyCloud’s tools to protect employees and their customers around the world from cyberattacks including account takeover and follow-on attacks, like credit card fraud, phishing and more, which can be extremely costly and disruptive. Automatic remediation of exposed accounts is handled through integration with Microsoft Active Directory. SpyCloud also helps enterprises measure and mitigate risk throughout their supply chains, which for the average business today includes hundreds or thousands of third-party partners and suppliers. And lastly, SpyCloud can be extended to VIPs, like board members and employees with privileged access, to protect vulnerable personal accounts that could provide entry points to corporate resources. The result is truly comprehensive protection from cyber threats resulting from stolen credentials.