SSRE- Serverless Security Runtime Environment

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


PureSec’s SSRE technology provides a trusted and safe computing environment for secure serverless function operation.
SSRE provides full stack, end to end serverless security protection for all applications:

Serverless Function I/O Firewall: deep application layer inspection of event trigger data which detects the most sophisticated attack payloads consumed from any types of serverless events

Serverlss Behavioral Protection: SSRE provides unique behavioral protection for serverless function execution, which blocks 0-day exploits and unknown attack vectors. It creates a trusted and secure computing environment for the function to execute in. SSRE detects and blocks any attempt to subvert serverless function logic – for example:
Block attempts to leak data
Block unauthorized outbound traffic
Block attempts to download and execute malware
Block malicious code from executing as part of the function’s normal execution
Block unauthorized access to files

Serverless Environment Hardening – From Build to Deployment: SSRE integrates into your CI/CD process seamlessly. During build time, serverless projects are statically scanned to pinpoint risks related to over-permissive IAM roles and access rights. The CI/CD scanner also detects insecure storage of application secrets, and flags known vulnerable 3rd. party dependencies. With the CI/CD integration, customers can decide to fail a build that does not meet corporate security policy.

PureSec’s SSRE is truly serverless! – it requires no installation of appliances (virtual or physical), it does not require you to route traffic through a SaaS engine, and no instrumentation agents are needed.

Protection is provided inside your own serverless function execution environment, with unparalleled performance and accuracy.

How we are different

1. SSRE is 100% Serverless. No Servers, no appliances, no agents, no in-line SaaS, no reverse-proxies.
2. SSRE inspects Serverless events and function behavior inside the serverless runtime environment, and not outside the application or by an instrumentation agent.
3. SSRE operates on all serverless event types (e.g. HTTP APIs, Cloud Storage, Stream Processing, Message Queues) and is Protocol Agnostic.