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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Founded by a white hat hacker and serial entrepreneur with a history of building successful companies in threat detection, StackRox leads the fast-growing container security sector. The company’s leadership team draws on expertise in distributed systems, containers and microservices, security research, and machine learning.

What distinguishes the StackRox container security platform is its focus on the attacker mindset. In the brave new world of cloud-native application development, the application building blocks have changed, which demands a new architecture for security.

StackRox’s innovation is translating existing attack categories to this new technology stack and using automation to take human intervention out of the process. Automation ensures that security policies are always applied to new application environments and attacks are detected in real time – tasks that humans cannot do effectively at container scale. By monitoring and analyzing data across multiple dimensions, the StackRox container security platform builds a comprehensive picture of container risk and focuses companies on the most critical assets to remediate.

The StackRox container security platform delivers built-in security for containers and cloud-native applications. It helps users to visualize the container attack surface, expose malicious activity, and stop attacks with a new approach to detection and response. The platform leverages continuous monitoring and machine learning to protect containers from new threats. It deploys across cloud or on-prem infrastructure as a set of container-based microservices. Finally, the StackRox security platform correlates across thousands of events to distill attacks and deliver unique insights into container activity.

In just the past six months, StackRox has closed business with a number of major banks and fintech companies, SaaS providers, eCommerce app providers, and security services companies. They range from startups to Fortune 25 companies.

How we are different

• StackRox innovative technology has won Fortune 25 companies as customers within months of shipping the product.
• The staff’s pedigree of success in security and distributed systems puts security practitioner’s point of view front and center in technical innovation.
• StackRox backing of prestigious VCs Sequoia Capital and Redpoint Ventures for its Series A and B funding provides the financial foundation to build for growth.