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CompanyStarKEYS LLC
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Users are caught in a password nightmare. And the state of the art in authentication systems are unbelievably vulnerable. The ubiquitous internet login prompt is a massive frustration and an extremely insecure. The internet is critically compromised by a 0-BIT (unencrypted) keyboard. Anything that requires a user to input access data using a keyboard is vulnerable. No matter how secure the data transport or securely vaulted the data, keystrokes can be intercepted. This is literally the last millimeter GAP in cybersecurity. Two factor authentication systems and OTP’s, which send access codes over airwaves to cell phones, are similarly compromised, since they require users to enter the codes back via the keyboard.

Starlogik has discovered a breakthrough in cellular signaling that delivers a completely secure “above band” wireless login to any internet service using the cell phone as a universal remote. Users can now login to any service without touching a keyboard.

The engagement is frictionless and seamless instantly unlocking any internet service in 2clicks and 2seconds. No usernames. No passwords. The dialed event emits a fully encrypted cellular signal that delivers a digital master internet key, an unbreakable signature unique to every cellular phone.

Star IAM uniquely leverages cryptographic algorithms (Comp128 A3/A8) embedded in the SIM to deliver highly secure network generated keys for anonymous online access and is the only IAM system of its kind having native cellular charging capability built into the Identity Access Protocol. Star IAM is a 100% virtual platform in the cloud that works on every phone without change. It uniquely synchronizes the Star call on the phone with the login on the internet and is instantly and remotely enabled on any cellular network with a 1 -line billing/routing entry and enabled in any internet application on a 1-line HTML button embed.

How we are different

Star is a pioneering left field breakthrough development in IAM (Identity Access Management) that simply "Winks" (*) the cellular connection to conduct advanced cryptography (ID) and commerce (MICROPAY) in milliseconds above internet band at epic scale on any phone out the box.

A 100% Virtual platform agnostic protocol that opens a millisecond signaling channel between cell and cloud to instantly Identify and Charge users in just "two taps and one second."

The Star IAM tech stack is massively adopted and proven at scale with over 100m users and a 2bn+ transaction run rate.

Star IAM is a breakthrough Advance to a little-known signaling technique called “winking” introduced by Bell Labs in the 1960’s now applied to modern day cellular. A “wink” in telecoms is a short duration (120msec) off hook signal emitted by momentarily lifting a receiver OFF hook then immediately replacing it back ON hook. OFF/ON hook is a binary signal that instantly communicates with the Central Office and is now used to instantly conduct advanced cellular Cryptography and Commerce.

Star simply to signal and transport cellular network generated cryptographic keys and billing certificates above band into the cloud. These digital signatures record authoritative, irrevocable cellular billing certificates (CDRS) that identify and charge Internet users directly on their airtime without exposure and without requiring any set up and data input. Star bypasses the keyboard entirely.

Star IAM is distinguished by:

1. Authoritative trusted cellular network generated cryptographic keys delivering seamless passwordless access without touching the keyboard.

2. Irrevocable native cellular billing certificates delivering a dynamic frictionless anonymous pay (penny) system built into the access protocol.

3. Perfected User Experience attaining "ease of use without compromising security" two attributes that have been in decades long conflict.