STEALTHbits Technologies

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

*Both the largest and the fastest growing team at STEALTHbits is R&D. We are attracting both bright young minds and seasoned industry veterans. They all share a passion for the true hacker ethic - solving problems to make the world better and more interesting.

* STEALTHbits came to security through the same means that our customers did. We started out helping with operational issues, but found that making things run faster meant nothing without making the more secure. That journey has always helped us see customer challenges with empathy.

* Most cybersecurity companies are chasing trendy analytics and one upping each other on cloud features. We've got some of that, but, at our core, we focus on the basics that make real security work - patching, configuration, access management, and governance. It's the blocking and tackling of security.

Brief Overview

STEALTHbits is much more than a cybersecurity company. We empathize with our customers and approach solving industry wide problems through a shared passion for improving our world. Our products have helped our customers face operational issues while also solving exposing the vulnerabilities that we can help mitigate. We focus on the basics to ensure that our customers are not looking for a silver bullet, but rather they are executing real security programs by focusing in on patching, configuration, access management, and governance.