StorMagic Key Management-as-a-Service Delivers Painless Security for any Encryption Workload – On Premise, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)StorMagic
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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Easy to Use and Configure
StorMagic KMaaS provides security professionals the ability to deploy key management in minutes vs weeks-to-months with industry incumbents. Setup is quick and easy from the cloud so customers can spend more time on the apps they are protecting than on the key management itself. No software or hardware to install on site and nothing to manage - manage all keys from any browser. Unify all encryption key management processes in a centralized virtual appliance. Providing widely accessible risk reduction via GUI, integrated REST API-enhanced workflows and KMIP standardization helps KMaaS deliver rapid customization, logging, dashboard auditing and monitoring for all deployment scenarios.

Integrates with any Workflow
StorMagic KMaaS supports datacenter and cloud workflows and integrates with existing Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to modernize the way these expensive, proprietary solutions are managed. Customers that want to secure environments with multiple use cases through enterprise-level key management features, can now do so easily and affordably. The flexibility offered by KMaaS ensures every encryption workload and service can be consolidated into a single key management interface. KMaaS provides the ability to extend the functionality of existing hardware security modules (HSMs), allowing them to handle new workflows such as SaaS, PaaS and IoT as well as advanced key management capabilities that were previously impossible. Generate, store and provision keys at the edge, datacenter, cloud, or multi-cloud. KMaaS runs in any cloud or hypervisor and can be deployed in both single and multi-tenanted configurations.

StorMagic KMaaS customers can create and manage encryption keys for multi-cloud environments and use cases like AWS, Azure, Bitlocker, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Nutanix and VMWare, and others.

Lowest Price for Modern Key Management
Simplify encryption key management, lower operation costs, while at the same time reducing expenditures on multiple KMS products. Avoid proprietary and expensive KMS vendor lock-in, including setup

Brief Overview

StorMagic recognized that enterprises needed a one-stop approach to encryption key management, and developed SvKMS — a single platform that manages all of a customer’s encryption keys, anywhere. Customers get an enterprise key manager for any encryption workflow, whether at the edge, datacenter, cloud or multi-cloud. SvKMS delivers enterprise-grade features through a simple-to-use interface – at a surprisingly low cost.

Gartner states, “with processing and storage placed outside traditional information security visibility and control, edge computing creates new security challenges that need to be addressed in depth”. StorMagic’s modern approach to key management helps solve these edge security challenges by allowing users to run key management systems as virtual machines anywhere, yet securely manages keys for all edge sites. To meet demanding enterprise customer needs, SvKMS includes features like FIPS 140-2 validation, robust cryptographic operators, full key lifecycle management and integrated backup/recovery.

SvKMS is also available via StorMagic Cloud Services: Key Management-as-a-Service (KMaaS) allows organizations to deploy a cloud-based key management service, instead of running one or more key managers on physical hardware. It ensures an organization can keep all keys secure and accessible within the cloud, regardless of encryption workload or location.

Based on SvKMS, a software solution installed by the end user, StorMagic KMaaS is entirely cloud-based – a genuine key management-as-a-service with nothing to maintain. Simply connect to StorMagic’s highly-available, load-balanced clusters, which are secure, isolated tenancies, and coordinate every aspect of key management from a single pane of glass.

Customers can simplify and streamline key management policies with KMaaS, a single cloud-based service handling every part of the entire key management lifecycle, and eliminate the need for onsite hardware and software previously considered a requirement for cloud-based encryption solutions. StorMagic KMaaS is also affordable; pricing for a geographically distributed multi-node configuration begins at just $575 per month.