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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
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Stream.Security is a global cloud security solutions leader specializing in real-time cloud twin technology. Since expanding from solely cloud operations, the company’s cutting-edge cloud detection and response (CDR) solutions are setting new standards in the cloud security industry with its agentless, event-driven, and real-time posture-aware platform.

Using graph-powered context to provide unparalleled insights and accuracy, the platform is designed to detect, pinpoint, and patch flaws in the cloud environment in real-time to minimize exposure time. Stream’s groundbreaking cloud twin technology, CloudTwin™, is intricately linked to both posture and behavior — and is the only known solution of its kind to map cloud dependencies in real-time. The cloud twin technology investigates every event in a company’s infrastructure and prioritizes threats, enabling security teams to focus on only credible alerts based on their business impact and streamline their response efforts. CloudTwin™ is posture-aware, traffic-aware, business-aware, and, most importantly, operates in real-time.

While security teams face challenges creating an up-to-the-minute view of their cloud status, Stream.Security’s breakthrough technology can keep up with and combat the fastest and most sophisticated threats. Security and operations teams can now work side-by-side using the technology to immediately unveil security gaps, analyze potential threats, identify exposures, and assess the impact of their remediation efforts.

The growing adoption of cloud technology by both large and mid-sized organizations has created a pressing need for implementing real-time, agile security strategies. Stream.Security’s meteoric rise is thanks not only to its outstanding platform but also in large part to its expansive customer base. Organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to the fastest-growing startups across the globe, trust Stream to secure their cloud infrastructure and pave the way toward a more secure future.

Key Capabilities / Features

Stream.Security’s Cloud Twin™ Real-Time Exposure Detection technology is the only cloud security solution that provides real-time, instant analysis of security and compliance implications for any configuration change.

Essentially, the technology builds a simulated model of a company’s cloud architecture, simulates in real-time every possible configuration and behavior change and then analyzes their likely impact. The aim of this technology is to provide customers with a precise and constantly updated model that continuously tracks incremental changes in their cloud environment.

Using Stream.Security’s dynamic algorithms, every alteration immediately triggers a thorough analysis that identifies and maps dependencies across a customer’s entire environment. This enables the platform to deliver an accurate and comprehensive impact assessment of each change in real-time, allowing SecOps and DevOps teams to identify security gaps, analyze potential threats, assess the impact of their remediation efforts and drive collaboration between their operations. With the recent addition of generative AI-powered remediation tools, organizations now have immediately generated remediation suggestions to tackle threats to the security of their cloud environment.

Stream.Security’s platform also covers all compliance and governance needs by employing a no-code interface. Each customer can tailor Stream’s solutions to align with their unique business needs, set behavior and posture standards, and stay on top of industry violations as soon as they are introduced. Through the platform’s posture-aware policy engine, customers can deploy Stream’s agentless solutions in five minutes and meet standard regulations across their infrastructure, including validations of the Well-Architected Frameworks. One of Stream’s customers, RingCentral, had discovered that their previous traditional solutions generated 77% false positives, which were all eliminated after implementing Stream’s CloudTwin platform and its real-time posture awareness. With Stream’s zero-trust security solutions, companies eradicate erroneous alerts and can declare data access governance through access permissions and segmentation policies, ultimately leading to the most secure cloud infrastructure.

How we are different

- Today, organizations employ two main categories of tools — CNAPP and CSPM — to detect their exposure. However, each scan only provides a snapshot in time, quickly becoming outdated as soon as any changes occur. This introduces a potential 24-hour delay in detection, posing a substantial security risk when considering adversaries require only one brief moment of exposure to exploit vulnerabilities, especially with the increase in generative AI-powered attacks. Stream.Security’s CloudTwin™ technology delivers real-time results that detect the attack path of all possible exposures and alert only credible threats.

- Typically, to overcome this detection delay challenge, security teams usually turn to SIEM/XDR solutions to stay informed about cloud activities. However, these tools lack posture awareness, emphasizing "what" happened rather than the consequential "so what." This focus leads to a high volume of false positive alerts, creating a dilemma for security teams: either investigate every event and neglect daily tasks or prioritize tasks and potentially overlook critical events. Stream.Security’s platform allows security teams to investigate suspicious activities in their environment by providing visibility into all past activities, current configuration changes and potential attack paths. Their solutions provide the necessary, in-depth analysis needed to prioritize credible threats and their impact, eliminating the tedious sifting through false positives in traditional solutions.

- Finally, legacy systems and applications are not equipped to handle the immediate response required to tackle modern cloud security threats. Traditional solutions have a high mean time to remediate (MTTR), which can compromise businesses and their networks with delayed responses and unclear next steps. Alternatively, Stream.Security uses generative AI to automatically generate tailored remediation solutions after detecting a threat. This automation allows security teams to address vulnerabilities more quickly and efficiently, helping to focus remediation efforts and mitigate risks before they escalate.

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