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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


There is a shortage of highly skilled talent in the cybersecurity industry, which is necessary to reduce the exposure of every organization to adversaries. Although traditional threat intelligence technologies provide organizations with the latest and greatest indicators of compromise (IOC) or indicators of attacks (IOA), they inherently lack human intelligence.
StrikeReady has developed the first AI-based threat management and incident response platform to modernize security operations. Its core component is a Gartner-recognized virtual security assistant, aka CARA, powered by natural language. Our patented Security Ontology Graph (SOG) allows CARA to mimic the rationale and response capability of a defender. It can learn continuously from the environment it operates in and from the defender’s actions in real-time. CARA interacts with various cyber-security teams, including SOC, IR, Red Team, Vulnerability Management, and others, increasing their skills and knowledge, and assisting them with automation. Consequently, our global customers have reported 3x productivity improvement, 80% MTTR reduction, and more.

The SaaS solution from StrikeReady seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing security architecture. It allows cyber defenders to have both a proactive and reactive security approach while using natively built-in security technologies, such as alert and case management, response automation, threat intelligence operationalization, attack simulation, and asset vulnerability management.

StrikeReady has closed millions in revenue and expanded its customer base in the United States to international markets. The TAM for StrikeReady is over $157 billion. StrikeReady is backed by several Bay Area VC firms, along with executives from FireEye, CrowdStrike, Zscalar, and others.

How we are different

We believe our customers summarize best:

“StrikeReady empowers our security analyst workforce, lessens the pressure and burnout, and most importantly curtails our business risk by a sizable factor. Knowledge, and automation both have to go hand-in-hand for transforming security operations.”
- DJ Goldsworthy, VP SecOps and Threat Management, Aflac

“StrikeReady is breaking new ground in Security Operations with CARA and gives valuable time back to the SOC. The Cognitive Intelligence that CARA learns from senior practitioners is immediately available to other resulting in a more skilled and trained workforce.”
- Andy Bonillo, CISO, TikTok

“As a CIO, one of my focus areas is to make security operations efficient. StrikeReady is the most transformative and value-rich cyber security technology I have seen in a long time. I highly encourage every CIO and CISO to adopt it.”
- James Rutt, CIO, Dana Foundation

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