Suridata – Mighty startup aims to secure SaaS for the world

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


We hear it every day from our clients—”We can’t possibly monitor and secure our ever-growing suite of SaaS applications.” Suridata is a mightly startup company that is delivering on the promise of a single, unified SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) platform to monitor and manage a companies’ entire suite of SaaS applications.

Suridata co-founders spent years in top consulting firms which gave them a front-row seat to how companies struggle to secure SaaS applications while ensuring secure access to critical operations and data. The teams’ deep background in next-gen technologies and experience in the real-life laboratory of customers’security issues have led to Suridata’s unified dashboard that prioritizes and manages the security gaps and risks inherent across all company’s SaaS applications.

Suridata is small, and young. That certainly does not stifle the ambitious vision of this company to secure SaaS for the world. And it does not slow down progress. Suridata has built a world-class team, developed a robust solution, and turned up dozens of clients in the few short years it has been in existance.

How we are different

We have respect for every start-up organization that is investing their time and energy into making the world a better place. They all deserve awards! We feel like our challenges set us apart in this noble arena:
1) The SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) market space is new, and few security professionals have a full understanding of the capabilities or promise of SSPM. In addition to normal startup challenges, we must help our clients navigate an educational journey that includes: 1) understanding the urgency of the SaaS application security problem, 2) comprehending the full scope of what is required to execute a tech-enabled, best practice SSPM approach, and 3) implementing and enforcing an SSPM program. Our backgrounds with the leading consultancies help to play this trusted advisor role. We have also realized that this investment in educating and aligning with our client’s and their security operations results in accelerated time to value.
2) The war for talent is brutal. This challenge is certainly not unique to Suridata. Because we place a premium on cultural fit, and value our team as family, we make it harder to add spectacular team members. On top of optimizing our job postings and recruiters, our most fruitful approach, has been relying on the very family culture we so highly value. Referrals from the current team and extended relationships have proven to be incredible sources of great people and next-level talent. Plus, the “why Suridata?” pitch is easier when candidates are brought in from trusted sources. We are encouraged to see compounding power of building a great team of great people!
3) We love what we do. We have been told by clients, employees and visitors to our office that "something is different about you guys". We agree!