Suridata – Solving SaaS security for the world

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Within minutes of activating Suridata, companies gain the immediate advantage of:
1.Visibility into misconfigurations, third-party apps, and users. Our agentless solution continuously analyzes third-party applications enabling security operators to pinpoint the risks in each app based on security frameworks
2. Identification and prioritization of security gaps. With deep visibility into SaaS applications, Suridata reveals risks and prioritizes them based on security intelligence tailored to the business. A powerful intelligent engine focuses attention on the most critical issues across the entire SaaS application stack
3. Continuous orchestration and automated remediation. A “single pane of glass” serves up a unified view of prioritized security gaps across all SaaS applications. Right from Suridata’s solution, a security operator can respond immediately to any issue, and automated workflows can be set up to remediate the most common issues.

How we are different

Suridata takes SSPM to the next level:
1.Beyond Visibility to Remediation. Organizations can no longer hope to manage the hyperactive alert feeds which have come with the explosion of SaaS and third-party applications. Suridata presses beyond another noisy alert feed and supports automated responses and a sophisticated workflow engine that ensures that the most common and critical security gaps are dealt with immediately in an automated fashion.
2.Prioritization Powers Efficiency. Not all businesses are equal, nor are all user actions expected or normal. Suridata’s intelligent profiling engine flags critical issues by monitoring configurations, third-party apps, and access activities. By baselining what is ‘normal’, Suridata is then able to alert on what is abnormal and out of bounds. This intelligent and constantly learning prioritization reduces manual efforts and spares valuable operator resources.
3.Full coverage of managed and unmanaged apps. It is no longer sufficient to support only managed applications. If an employee’s smart home app delegates access permissions, or a survey platform has read / write access to Google Workspace, you should know about it and be able to take action to reduce the associated risks. Suridata monitors third-party applications to ensure continuous strengthening of your SaaS security posture.