Synopsys Polaris Software Integrity Platform®

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Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The Polaris Software Integrity Platform® is an integrated, multi-tenant cloud-based application security testing solution that is purpose-built for the needs of application security, development and DevSecOps teams. 

Polaris combines the best-of-breed scanning technologies with security expertise to deliver the most advanced and comprehensive application security solution on the market. Polaris is the only platform with recognized industry-leading solutions for the “essential three” of SAST, DAST, and SCA, as well as for IAST and ASOC. Polaris packages give organizations the flexibility to choose the specific application security testing services it needs by application, team, or the entire organization with the benefits of a unified cloud-based platform that gives your teams the agility to access those services whenever and wherever they’re needed.

In October 2022, Synopsys introduced the new fAST Static and fAST SCA offerings as part of the continuing evolution of the Polaris Platform. Polaris fAST static and fAST SCA are built on our market-leading analysis engines, giving customers fast and accurate detection of vulnerabilities in source code and open source. Synopsys’ fAST offerings are delivered as a cloud-based solution, with a set of rich APIs and highly intuitive web interface that makes it easy to run static app sec testing and software composition scanning and assessment at scale.

Polaris fAST Static incremental scanning dramatically reduces scan times by caching results from previous scans, limiting analysis to code that has changed, while Polaris fAST SCA gives teams detailed analysis of open-source vulnerabilities

How we are different

- Comprehensive platform.
Until now, development and security teams have found themselves needing to combine maintain on their own multiple best-of-breed AST products due to the lack of a truly complete single-solution vendor platform. This is because most platforms are strong in only one SAST, DAST, or SCA, but comparatively weaker in the others. These platforms end up being used as point products, as they are generally “walled gardens,” limited to that vendor’s solutions and unable to manage other tools a team has deployed. With the acquisition of WhiteHat in 2022, Synopsys now offers best-of-breed solutions for DAST, SAST, and SCA, complemented by the ASOC capabilities of Code Dx and Intelligent Orchestration.

- Cloud-based and optimized for DevSecOps
Polaris makes it easy for developers to onboard and start scanning their code in minutes while enabling security teams to track and manage application security testing activities and risks across hundreds or even thousands of applications and teams. Additionally, Polaris unlocks the ability to automate scanning and policy enforcement and easily integrate application security tests into DevOps workflows with SCM (e.g., GitLab, GitHub) and CI integrations (e.g., Jenkins) and a developer-friendly user experience. Polaris’ Jira cloud integration streamlines remediation workflows, enabling teams to triage, assign, and track remediation progress directly in the Polaris UI.

- Open, scalable platform.
With the Synopsys open platform, organizations can continue to leverage the existing investments made in their AST solutions. Synopsys orchestrates tests, and aggregates and prioritizes findings from Synopsys solutions, third-party solutions, open-source solutions, and manual processes (e.g., threat modeling, penetration testing). Synopsys is the only vendor that can deliver this combination of our own best-of-breed solutions with a platform that provides unified management of both Synopsys and third-party tools and tests.