Syxsense Secure First to Unify Patch and Configuration Management with Vulnerability Scanning

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionHybrid


With the shift to remote and hybrid work models, organizations are under increasing stress to secure data on the network and at endpoints. With this dramatic increase in large-scale remote workforces, office firewalls are no longer enough to secure organizations. This is driving security teams to deploy advanced endpoint protections that can streamline the identification of security vulnerabilities and combine configuration and software patch management. This means combining IT management, patch management and security vulnerability scanning into a single comprehensive cloud-based platform. That’s exactly what Syxsense is offering customers with Syxsense Secure, and why it should win this award.

It’s the first Unified Endpoint Security Management platform that centralizes the three key elements of endpoint security management (vulnerabilities, patch and compliance) and layers on a powerful workflow automation tool called Syxsense Cortex™ that remediates and eliminates endpoint security weaknesses. All through a single cloud-based, drag and drop management interface. This includes the ability to identify software vulnerabilities in both OS and 3rd party applications, misconfigurations from open ports, disabled firewalls, ineffective user account polices and more, and unwanted software (to name just a few).

With a single intelligent agent, Syxsense Secure allows security professionals (or MSPs) to manage, detect and secure endpoints. That means 100% visibility into desktop, laptop, and server environments; real-time patch scanning to detect software vulnerabilities and security scanning to identify risk factors like authorization issues, security enforcement, antivirus status and more; and remediation (both automatically and manually) of these threat vectors. Not only does it discover endpoint security threats, but it also quickly takes corrective actions to reduce an organizations exposure to risk.

How we are different

Syxsense Secure takes patch and configuration management to the next level by delivering the most powerful Unified Endpoint Security Management platform available today. Here three reasons it stands above competitors:

• Accurate Patch Vulnerability Detection – Syxsense Secure understands the complexities of patch supersession, when a patch is released, when it’s superseded, and when a feature update makes it obsolete. Content is curated with a nightly NIST database sync on CVSS scores and an automated web-crawler to update published severity changes, along with any status changes to public aware, weaponized, and counter measures. Furthermore, Syxsense Secure centralizes live data on both OS vulnerabilities and the security weaknesses exposed by open ports, disabled firewalls, violations in security compliance standards and more. Teams can collaborate in a single console to know and close attack vectors. This reduces the complexity of managing risk factors by consolidating patching and security into a single console and a single agent.

• Reporting and Proof of Compliance – Syxsense Secure gives compliance agencies, management, and auditors a crystal-clear picture of an organization’s lockdown and compliance journey. Teams can document their patching and security strategy success. Reports like Security Risk Assessment, Most Vulnerable Devices, and Task Summary can be scheduled for automatic receipt or exported to interactive reports. And users can see detailed reporting to meet HIPAA, SOX, and PCI compliance.

• Automated Workflow Intelligence – Syxsense Secure uses a powerful engine called Syxsense Cortex that monitors the state of endpoints and identifies issues, prioritizing risks strategically. Security teams can visually orchestrate a decision flow and Cortex automates the response and remediation of vulnerable access points in real time. With a single Cortex workflow, thousands of devices can self-heal and self-manage.