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Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Headquarters RegionAsia


According to a Cyber Security report , Ransomware damage costs are predicted to hit $11.5B by 2019 and Cybercrime damage costs will hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. In order to plug gaps in security processes and enable enterprises across the world to transform, strengthen their security posture, Tech Mahindra has partnered with promising security startups addressing hot security areas like Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Blockchain. We have developed the World’s First AI-Powered Predictive Cyber Risk Platform that can predict and proactively avoid cyber-breaches by monitoring IT inventories for hundreds of breach risk factors and take appropriate mitigating steps. Our intelligent Security Operation Centre can prioritize actionable intelligence for proactive handling of identified critical risks; provide key insights to board members of the organization and accurately measures overall breach risk and cyber-resilience.
Tech Mahindra’s end to end security portfolio has disruptive solutions like Continuous Security Assurance, Block chain based Industrial IOT security, Anti – Email spoofing & Threat score card can provide a transparent view of the risk resiliency of the organization and provide continuous assessment capability. Our continuous security platform protects any application, patched or unpatched, across the full application stack from file-less threats to binary memory-based attacks and stops threats in real-time, delivering unprecedented accuracy, without false positives.
By 2020, over one-third of all data will live in or pass through the cloud, with data production in 2020 being estimated at 44 times greater than it was in 2009. Given the global drive towards strong national privacy regulations, we have developed PRIVERA, world’s first global privacy ecosystem that protects the individual’s right to privacy, consent and grievance redressal across multiple industries, including health care, financial services, retail and government. PRIVERA is integration-enabled and supports integration with national identity and trust infrastructure, like Aadhaar biometric registration service.

How we are different

1. Tech Mahindra constantly strives to innovate in the ever evolving Cyber Security space and developed the world’s first AI-Powered Predictive Cyber Risk Platform and Global Data Privacy ecosystem.
2. Tech Mahindra’s advanced threat management capabilities in File less & Memory attack prevention can stops threats in real-time without false positives and protect Enterprises from WannaCry, Petya kind of zero day attacks.
3. Tech Mahindra has innovative business models to enhance the customer satisfaction and substantially reduce the security investment burden through global best practices. Also, Tech Mahindra has enhanced security portfolio with cutting edge security solutions by leveraging startup ecosystem and is committed to make the customer relevant, informed in a VUCA world