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Company size (employees)25
Headquarters RegionEurope


The first company embarking on the difficult task of detecting file copy operations and file movement (across the network) as a read /write process, using basic file operations reported in a kernel mode driver together with in-memory correlation of data, process and user activity. This, together with the ability to detect archiving operations, uploads and email attaching operations have raised the bar in file access auditing, delivering never-seen-before use cases.

One of the first companies to implement accurate ransomware detection and blocking based on file access patterns and augment that with unique data protection techniques that ensure file recoverability in case of successful ransomware attacks.

How we are different

- while competitors limit themselves to reporting on basic read /write file operations, Temasoft took on the challenge of reporting on complex operations with unparalleled accuracy, delivering true insight into the operations that are part of data breach incidents.

- while competitors struggle to take preemptive actions against ransomware with minimal results, Temasoft focuses on reactive detection which does not rely on signatures, sandboxes, constant updates to detect zero day or targeted ransomware attacks.

- while competition fights for better decimal percentage rates for detecting ransomware (while still failing with zero day ransomware threats), Temasoft detects most zero day ransomware threats but at the same time, implements innovative real-time protection system that gives customers the files back, in case of a successful ransomware incident.