The Forescout Platform – Critical Infrastructure Security

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CompanyForescout Technologies Inc.
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


The ongoing convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) networks is increasing the complexity and vulnerability of previously isolated industrial control system (ICS) networks. To secure critical infrastructure on all these networks and to avoid the major financial/societal consequences that come from being exploited in a cyber attack, organizations need to gain visibility beyond their OT environments and tighten security across the entire enterprise.

The Forescout platform protects OT and ICS networks from a wide range of threats, provides both passive and active discovery capabilities that create an automatic, real-time asset inventory and enables targeted remediation actions based on potential business impact. The platform’s ability to identify all device types – IoT, OT, IIoT, IoMT and IT – and act to contain threats make it unique in the market and fundamental for a successful, enterprise-wide cybersecurity strategy.

Forrester recognized Forescout in November in its inaugural Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Solutions Wave, 2021 for having the broadest ICS protocol support out of the vendors that were evaluated. Having the most protocol support means that Forescout provides leading asset discovery and identification to customers who can then bridge their visibility and control security gaps and noninvasively fix shortfalls in segmentation.

Aside from visibility for all types of devices, Forescout also empowers customers to leverage their existing solutions. Traditionally, organizations make use of several technology vendors to provide specific cybersecurity capabilities. Forescout understands the importance of those investments and works in collaboration with asset management, endpoint security solutions, vulnerability assessment tools, SIEM and ticketing systems via powerful bi-directional information exchange. This maximizes the value of every individual solution and automates many operations that customers need to perform manually.

How we are different

- For 20+ years, Forescout has been focused on the fundamental principle of visibility for cybersecurity. The platform’s ability to discover all device types (IoT, OT, IIoT, IoMT and IT), assess risk, ensure compliance, and provide governance collectively with existing tools is unique to the market and what makes the Forescout platform the leading option to provide active defense in today’s Enterprise of Things.

- Customers not only benefit from the visibility that Forescout provides, but they also benefit from the efficiency of its threat prevention and response. Forescout built its program to combine complete visibility with 1) Real-time, continuous assessment of risk and compliance, including rich, configurable dashboards and exportable reports, and risk scoring with clear, realistic recommendations to reduce inherent risk 2) A dedicated solution to design and enforce segmentation policies, reducing the attack surface and blast radius and 3) The ability to automate workflows and execute agentless actions for all managed, unmanaged, and third-party endpoints such as network access control, compliance enforcement, and incident response.

- The Forescout platform also stands out for its ability to integrate with and leverage existing tools and softwares instead of requiring companies to start their security infrastructures from scratch. This saves companies valuable resources and even maximizes the value of every individual solution.