The JumpCloud Directory Platform

Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The JumpCloud Directory Platform offers centralized user identity and device management for IT admins to manage users, their devices, and their access to virtually any IT resource. JumpCloud Protect is one key feature of the JumpCloud Directory Platform: a one-touch, mobile push multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that makes it easy for IT admins to deploy and enforce MFA without adversely impacting end users. Available for both iOS and Android devices, JumpCloud Protect extends JumpCloud’s cloud directory platform to include robust security, protecting cloud applications through a single admin portal.

JumpCloud’s mission is to make remote work happen. With JumpCloud Protect, JumpCloud is offering MSP partners and IT teams the ability to add free MFA, reducing IT spend while increasing organizational security. Using JumpCloud Protect, admins and MSP partners no longer have to manage third-party MFA or authenticator apps like Duo, and can save on associated licensing and integration costs. JumpCloud Protect is natively combined with the JumpCloud Directory Platform at every tier level. By integrating directly into the JumpCloud Directory Platform, admins have access to the breadth of JumpCloud’s features. Leveraging Conditional Access Policies, JumpCloud Protect can be enabled as a MFA for verification of identity based upon device trust, location, network trust, and application-specific step-up challenges to assist organizations in adopting a Zero Trust security posture. Admins can also monitor JumpCloud Protect enrollment and authentication events with JumpCloud’s Directory Insights for compliance with corporate security policies.

How we are different

- The JumpCloud Directory Platform is a standalone product that simplifies organizations IT infrastructure by weaving mobile push MFA seamlessly into the platform they already use.
- JumpCloud’s MFA competitors require licensing or per-user fees and can require custom integrations that require time and additional IT oversight.
- JumpCloud offers a single source of truth to provide robust security, including MFA, to give organizations peace of mind when evaluating remote users.